Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's Follow The Histogram Trail

This topic comes up quite often and although many have a rudimentary understanding of the subject, these four articles go into great depth deciphering the histogram's finer points. All are extremely well illustrated and deserve a thorough read. Remember; Knowledge is power, power to make better images.

I just came across this first article on histograms right here. It's an excellent and comprehensive explanation of the subject we all need to know about. One of my favorite discussions on the subject can be found over at Luminous-Landscape.com right here. CambridgeInColor.com also has a great tutorial right here too. Wait, there's more, check out Steve Hoffman's super all-encompassing 5 page discussion entitled, "A Practical Guide To Histograms." right here. Spend some time reading each of these posts and you will never have to ask what a histogram means again.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. Tomorrow I'm back with Podcast Wednesday and will be interviewing Scott Tallyn on flash card and hard drive failure and what to do about it if disaster strikes you. It's a good listen, so be sure to tune in. See ya' tomorrow. -David


  1. Thanks David, some good articles here. I have learned about my histo in the past, but a it was nice to have a refresher course.


  2. Yeah thanks for that, always good to have a refresher.