Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hold On To Your Hats And Check Out A Real Photographer's Hands On Experience With The Canon 5D Mark II - It Will Blow You Away!

Hey gang, there has been a ton of buzz happening out there with the introduction of CS4 and Canon's new 5D Mark II - it's been all over the web so I let it slide here at DigitalProTalk - that is until now. I'm specifically speaking of Canon's 5D Mark II. We all knew it was coming and now it's here - well, almost - it's real anyway.

Nikon and Canon have been leapfrogging each other for years with Nikon getting the biggest jump lately. Well, now Canon has hit it out of the park with their introduction of their brand new 5d Mark II.
My Canon rep sent me this link to Vincent LaForet's 72 hour hands-on experience with the 5D Mark II. Give Vincent's provocative article on his blog a read right here - really interesting and mind blowing info! Wait, there's more. It's this next link that will blow you away. It's seems Vincent really test drove the new 5D Mark II's video features. I have to say the results are stunning! You must check out the video right here. Be sure your right hand is firmly placed under your jaw before viewing - simply unbelievable!!!

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. Next week, I'm going to answer a number of the Skribit questions that have been piling up so stay tuned. I'll plan to see everybody tomorrow for a new Business Day Thursday article; "Running Scared!" See ya' then. David


  1. Now we know what 10s of thousands of dollars worth of lighting equipment, assistants, steady cam mounts, excellent editing, ect, can do for a video. There should of been a disclaimer at the end that states "Your results may vary". I'm sure this is a great camera and the video will be a nice option, but I think that not having autofocus in video mode will seperate the photographers from the videographers.
    Also, a 15 second video will be 165MB of decompressed video on your computer. That's 1GB for every 90 seconds of film. That won't be a problem with a speed demon computer, but everyone doesn't have one of those. I realize that this is an option that will be on most future cameras, and like all things, it has to start somewhere.

  2. Hi Jack and Brenda,
    Canon's 5D Mark II does have auto focus for the video. - David

  3. I'm super amped about the MKII Can wait to get mine. Though my biggest desite is that high ISO clarity.

    I think the video is a great add. Though I may not use it myself alot, it's good to know it;s there, and I think it's gonna be big.

    That video you linked to is impressive.


  4. From what I read, you can use autofocus to begin a video, but the focus won't change while you are taping. You can see in the sample video the the videoprapher used mostly constant distance from the subjects. In one scene, he prefocused in the foreground and the subject stepped out of the "out of focus" car and moved into the predetermined spot of focus. I'm not discounting the camera or it's ability to creat great films, but it will come with a learning curve.

  5. David and Gavin,

    Since I check both of your blogs daily, I think this question would be great for further discussion. How is HD video on the D90 and 5DMkII going to change the expectations of tomorrow's bride? Will photographers have to also be videographers, or will videographers, who already have the eye, start to get more of the action? Just curious what your thoughts are.

  6. Saw this when Vincent posted it a couple nights ago, simply STUNNING!! I can't believe how amazing the footage looks, and I can only hope Canon will provide a 24p function as well . . .

  7. @ Jack and Brenda:

    I agree that not everyone will be able to produce the same caliber of video as Vincent did, but as stated in his video description, the only additional lighting equipment used was the modeling light of a strobe . . . not 10's of thousands of dollars worth of lighting. He only had 72 hours to throw this together and it sounded like it was mostly off the cuff. Pretty impressive!

  8. @ Guided Light:

    Good question! I don't think (but can only hope not) that providing video on top of photos would become an assumed part of a photographer's job at a wedding. I definitely think there are going to be people that try to set themselves apart from the competition by offering such services, but I guess time will in seeing how widespread this becomes!

  9. I was only able to get part of the video to download. Is there something else I need to do?