Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Quick One For The Road - Add Your Copyright Info To Your Pics In Record Time

I owe this tip to my buddy, Nicholas Viltrakis, who during a fit of inspiration this past weekend discovered and sent me the cool tip on adding your copyright info in a flash to you web-res images. Here is the quick 1, 2, 3...

1. Head over the the Library module and be sure to add your own copyright info if you haven't done so yet.
2. Now head over to the Web module and from the Engine section at the top right of the screen, select Lightroom Flash Gallery.
3. Scroll down to the Appearance section and select Extra Large images for the Large images setting.
4. Scroll down to Output Settings and check Add Copyright Watermark.
5. Select all, hit export, name the folder in which to save the Flash gallery.
6. When Export is complete, navigate to that folder, open it, find the bin folder, open it, and presto - there you have it, your copyright stamped images - short and sweet, quick and easy.

High fives to Mr. Nicholas - thanks, Nicholas.

Hey everybody, we've got to get scootin'. We are checking out the church location for tomorrow's Photoshop World precon wedding shoot. Stay tuned, I'll post a few pics during the week. Also, look for Podcast Wednesday to happen this Thursday. It just happens to fit in with what we do on Thursday around here so I'm making it part of the business post. Don't worry though, Wednesday will still be a scintillating series info, links, opinions, and more. See ya' tomorrow. -David


  1. You can still call me your assistant!

  2. Can you tell me what the library module and the other one are? I am not a professional just irritated that google provides me the "service" of dumping all my photos in their google images albums making it appear that anyone can use it how they want to.