Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Technique Tuesday 04.01.08

Good Morning Everyone,
Whew! I am just now recovering from Russel Brown's 3D class yesterday. Too much input, too much input - but the final result was pretty cool. Let me give you the quick version. Take an images, break it into at least depth layers, add a depth map to some of the layers, crop with hidden data, and save. Now open in the Power Illusion software, create the track parallax channels, set your depth on each channel, adjust any depth maps, preview the 3D image with your 3D glasses, and if it looks good, you are ready to go to the presses. Any brain burn yet.

The software breaks the images into 40 lines per inch. When aligned to the matching lenticular screen gives a final 3D image. The cool part was not seeing the 3D print, but hanging in there with Deke McClelland, Bert Monroy, John Caponigro, Jeff Schewe, et. al. The class was a veritable Who's Who of Photoshop fame. Russel gave everyone the attention they needed to get through it all, but it was a real brain fry. All in all, it was a great class. Anyway, on with the show.

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