Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why To Stay Pro-Actively Involved With Your Client During The Sales Presentation

Earlier this week I had a meeting with one of our wedding clients to review their wedding images. So many wedding photographers just upload their images to the Internet, spin the wheel of misfortune, and hope for a good sales result. They continue doing the same thing over and over and constantly complain about their sales averages not meeting their expectations.

I believe it's really important to be with the client during the selection process, sharing with them what you were seeing in your mind's eye and feeling in your heart as you were covering their wedding. It's only with this client connect that you could ever hope that your delivered album is truly a reflection of your heart, soul, skills, and talents.

Last evening I was watching a National Geographic special on master nature photographer, Joel Sartore. What struck me the most were the words of his editor as he echoed my sentiments exactly. Here is what he said - "If you don't allow the witness to be there with you (the editor) to help you put those pictures into a framework of understanding, when you start making decisions over which ones you are going to use and which one's you are not going to use and in what order, you have lost a tremendous opportunity to elevate the quality of the work."

I couldn't have said it better myself. It is only when your delivered product is a combination of client and photographer effort, energy, and creativity that you are really able to deliver the best of your work to your client and be rewarded for your efforts. End of sales rant #46.

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