Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm In Recovery Today

So many times in Photoshop, we just click away on some of the Photoshop tools and hope for a reasonable result even without a thorough understanding of the tool in question. I do it, we all do it - so little time, so much to learn. One tool most of us feel we know well enough is the Highlight/Recovery tool in Photoshop, but how well do we know it.

I found this really good article on the subject right here. It's by Andrew Rodney - Photoshop guru and NAPP Hall of Fame inductee - over at The Digital Dog.net.

Want more, check out this Highlight/Shadow recovery technique over at DigitalGrin right here. The author even used the fabled LAB mode to make final tweaks to the image. OK, one more for the road. You walk out of the shadows of your life into some better illuminated detail - then check out this last and final article on shadow recovery right here.

OK, it wasn't the last - OutbackPhoto had a contest on Highlight/Shadow recovery right here. Check it out - you get 8 solutions for the challenge. I've posted the BEFORE here and followed up with my favorite AFTER - give a peek below.



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  1. That's a pretty Amazing recovery. I'll have to play around with the lab mode idea. Browsing around, It looks like it may have various advantages.