Monday, April 14, 2008

Geeks Only Allowed To Read This Post!

Shutter speeds to 1/10,000 sec, flash speeds to 1/60,000 second - from your Canon PowerShot camera! Here are the images to prove it right here. OK, I spent a little mind bending time over at the CHDK-Wiki over the weekend. I originally found the link over at Photography Bay last week and was drawn to the site by it's "geek appeal".

Here is what they are up to over at CHDK-Wiki - it's a entire site dedicated to hacking, over-clocking, or just plain having fun with the Canon PowerShot cameras by re-programming the camera's firmware. Here is the good news - they never touch the camera's on-board firmware, it loads from the flash card when you boot up the camera - so no voiding of the warranty at all.
It's amazing to see the off-the-wall functionality this group has developed with for the Canon Powershot. Yep, the high shutter speeds and super high flash speeds are all true - and this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a bit of geek blood running through your veins check out the CHDK-Wiki site right here - I'm calling B&H today to pick up my new toy.

Hey everybody, that's about it for today. I hope my blog posting today went long enough for my team to get the production area back in shape ;~) See everybody tomorrow for Technique Tuesday. Adios, David

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  1. I was wondering when someone will come up with something like this. It was about time, really. :-)

    You guys all have to face it, your camera is no different than your laptop.

    Now let's see what this baby can do...