Monday, April 28, 2008

A Quick One From The Rumor Mill - New Life For XP

We all use computers, most of us are on PC's. Most of us that use PC's don't want to switch to Vista because of all the horror stories we have heard from many who have switched. I love the Apple commercials with Windows Vista vs. Mac. Anyway, the official "end of life" of XP is scheduled for June 30. Rumor has it, over at Engadget right here, that XP's demise may be put off till 2012. That's good news for a lot of us - heck, I just got XP figured out;~)

Hey gang, that it from me for today, I've got a class to teach. See everyone tomorrow. -David


  1. Hi Dave

    I have Vista Ultimate and Home Premium. Previous XP on 9 computers. 6 office,and 2 at home and I love XP. However Vista is and can be a photographers dream. I am having a ball with it.

    Dave, from Akron, Canton Area