Friday, April 25, 2008

7 Inspirational Wedding Photog Sites

In one of my Internet cruises I came across this sampling of pretty cool wedding photography sites. I'm offering you the list, not just for the photography which is beautiful, but also for creativity behind the site's presentation as well.

Here is the list:
  1. Jesh de Rox's site right here. I really like how Jesh's site draws you through the navigation process. You actually become involved with the site as you peruse the choices. It's very well done.

  2. Jeff Newsome's site right here. Jeff has about the most creative introduction of any photography site I have ever seen. It's fun, it's clever, and it's engaging.

  3. Jessica Claire has a really popular site right here. Jessica's based in Southern California and runs a successful studio there. Jessica has pulled something off that I mentioned in my blog last November - here is that link. It's a great idea and Jessica has done a good job pulling it off. I really like her "Spread Rumors" link on the bottom right of all of her pages, pretty clever. Check it out and you see what I mean.

  4. Bobbie and Mike site right here is full of images with accentuated color - probably the best use of color I have seen in a wedding photographers website. They hail from Central Indiana - hey, that's right here in the great Midwest. Maybe that's why I liked the web soundtrack - kind of made me feel at home.

  5. Jose Villa site right here has beautiful images. I also like the "PR blurbs" that pop up as you are viewing his galleries.

  6. WhiteBox Weddings right here has a nice site here powered by LiveBooks. The images are juiced a bit with added contrast and color, but they all have a great feel of spontaneity and reality. I also like the ability to download a PDF of the images, too. I think giving the viewer an opportunity to their own sample album of your work is a great asset to booking the job.

  7. Chris and Lynn Jakso's site right here features some of the best wedding photography I've seen. Chris and Lynn hail from British Columbia and are a highly awarded team. They even won an Emmy in 2006. I also like their intro with the script coming up as part of the image presentation. Many of their images are simply stunning. Give a peek.

One thing I noticed on each site was a link to their blogs - this is important marketing stuff gang and should be part of everyone's web site. Again, read my article right here on "To Blog or Not To Blog." Do you have any favorite sites to add to the list? Please share your recommendations so all our readers will be informed by posting your comments below. Thanks....





  4. Great source.. I liked the fact that you posted all these links... great work... Thanks for the tip

  5. I second Jasmine Star - a brilliant mind for capturing youthful wedding shots.

  6. As far as a brand goes... everything is built around the brand: the site, the blog, the slideshows, the mailings, the business cards, the associate site and of course the studio. Marketing virally starts with having a strong brand that you are proud of and that resonates with potential clients.

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  9. I am fascinated by some of the pictures on these sites. The locations are so different to the ones I visit, when I am photographing weddings in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, here in England. It’s quite amazing what a difference the sense of place can make.