Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So, Should You Do A Bridal Show?

OK. It's not you typical Wednesday post, but I'm throwing it on the table for it's scintillating implications. Read this photographer's Bridal Show experiences right here and see if it's right for your business model.

I, personally have participated in a few bridal shows over the years, but the show qualified the clients as part of its promotional posture, so we were seeing only the clients we wanted to book. The message here is vendor beware - depending on your target market and advertising budget.

Jamie Hack - a brand new photographer has a few thoughts and insights on the subject right here. The comments to his post are great advice for anyone contemplating the move to weddings. Feel free to share a few of your bridal show experiences in the comments section below.


  1. Hi David (& LaDawn as well!)
    I've done the big Cleveland bridal show several times and have to say that it makes you busier but not more profitable. I had to do at least 2 weddings to recoup what I spent (about $2000) for the show and the magazine ad that came as part of the package. The business I did pick up was from a postcard mailing I did after the show from the show leads. My one observation was that almost every bride that came by was interested only in price shopping. I've finally gotten to the place that I am booking brides who want MY work because of MY style and are willing to pay MY prices. I didn't usually find them at the show. I am learning that the rich and famous follow the leads of their peers. This year the approach is with your "viral marketing" strategy and the heck with the shows. That being said, good friends of mine in Fort Wayne do several shows per year but only pay about 300 a pop. They do well because the investment is low enough to justify the hassle relative to the return.
    Best to you all.

  2. I have done quite a few, and limited success. The one I usually get a few bookings form id the smaller local one.

    One year I paid a lot of money to go to some big out of town shows and got nil. Way too much money, and way to many photogs.

    If I may shameless plug a bit, we recently did a Pro Photo Show episode themes around bridal shows that might also give reader some viable tips.