Thursday, April 10, 2008

Looking For Some Good Deals - Here They Are!

Hey, it's Thursday, let's go shopping. Every now and then, I see a story about Adorama getting the refurbished Canon gear in and I run the story here. Well, I'm assuming many people didn't realize B&H has a slew of good deals available. How do I know, because one of my buddies over at B&H saw my Adorama post and sent me and email about their great deals.

I had to check them out - and he's right, there are some really good values available in their used camera department - here is the B&H link. All items have a condition listed, but many are labeled "email for condition." OK gang, I'm going to give you the secret handshake here. Whenever an item in the used department says "email for condition" it is an automatic response that the gear is refurbished by the manufacturer and comes with a 90 day warranty. The same is true for Nikon gear as well.
How good are the deals?? How about a Canon 30D body for $709 - pretty good price. One of my favs was the Canon 20D with one of my favorite lenses, the 17-85mm IS for only $849 - the lens itself sells for $490. So if you're looking to update your camera bag I'd sure check these deals out.

Well gang, I'm calling it a wrap today - got to get back to my real job again. See everybody tomorrow. --David

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  1. Dear David

    just to let you, and your Blog readers know, that at Adorama Camera we also offer a 90-day guarantee on our used cameras!

    Best wishes

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador