Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Suzette Allen Still Making (Template) Waves

Many of my readers may know my friend, Suzette Allen from her posts over at Will Crockett's monthly newsletter and her appearances around the country. She is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and knows her stuff.

Anyway, I just got a note from Suzette on her new very versatile template set. Suzette is announcing her coolest Composites and Templates ever!!! Only $100 per set of about a dozen templates, so you are guaranteed to make your money back in only one or two sales!! Every template is completely customizable for color, style, texture, ornamentation...or keep it as is! See all of Suzette's new templates available right here. By the way, you can check out a sampling of her templates and brushes right here - I still love the Cloud brushes.

Hey everybody, it's time to run. Class starts in a few and we have another whole day of shooting at some pretty cool locations. So, I'll see everybody tomorrow. -David

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