Friday, April 04, 2008

Safest Data In the World

The Drobo folks were at the show showing their latest networked attached storage appliance for the Drobo. The Drobo device has been all over the net and is being hailed as about the safest way to protect your data. I personally know three friends in business who have had their RAID's fail - I know there not suppose to fail, but somebody forgot to tell the RAIDS.

Drobo's built in technology sidesteps the RAID problem and promises data reliability that's the best available right now. Up until recently, you could only plug your Drobo into your local computer, but now they have a totally transparent solution for those of us who need the NAS functionality. Check out everything Drobo is doing right here. I'm placing my order for one next week.


  1. I have been using this setup for several months and love it. I am on a wireless network and access the Drobo with the file sharing set up with great results. I like that my portraits are backed up at the time they are copied to the HD.

  2. Drobo looks like a nice tool, but it's not a silver bullet for protecting your irreplaceable data. Be sure to check out one guy's nightmare (thankfully with what appears to be a happy ending):

    You still need some strategy for backing up your bits!