Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wednesday WayBack - One More Time

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Here we are on Wayback Wednesday and I was planning for this to be the last post on the subject. I hope everyone enjoy the peak back into my photographic time machine. It was kind of fun for me too to take a peak back at some of the old negs and reminisce a bit about the imagery. The bottom line is this - I was honing my skills by attending every seminar and workshop that looked interesting. Taking bits and pieces from each instructor and adapting them to my studio.

I did it then and continue to do it now. It is a very efficient way to continue to grow. I encourage each and every reader to do the same. Don't ever be a "I know it all," instead be a "I want to know it all." The difference in perspective will keep you moving in the right direction both professionally and photographically. Anyway, on with the program...

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