Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flavored Lighting - Ziser Style

I hear the comments from many photogs at the shows and conventions I attend each year that wedding coverages are looking pretty much the same. I've covered a lot of different ways to spice up the coverage - just search DPT for "lighting techniques" and watch all the stories pop.

Today, lets talk about a different flavored lighting for your weddings. It's time we explore low light shooting at the wedding reception. I'll discuss technique, lens selection, F-stops and shutter speeds, recommended ISO's, and how to handle noisy images. Hit the play button below for the tutorial. Enjoy!


  1. Excellent video. Thanks :)

    I know you're a jpeg shooter making PP WB adjustments more you just dial in your WB at 2500k when indoors and hammer away all night?

  2. David, up to now I've shot receptions with flash, but I think I want to give non-flash a try. Do you mainly shoot receptions without flash most of the time or do you mix it up some? Working with my flash reception photos in post, I've been pretty happy with them, but I can see how the non-flash could create a different mood.

  3. Thank for the video - interesting!
    This might not be the right place to ask, but I can't help it though - it seems you're moving between your Canon 40D and 5D a lot. What are the pros/cons factors for you between the two? Why/when use one instead of the other? Would be very interesting for me to get some pointers on this.

    Thanks again

  4. David - thanks (again) for taking the time to share. I'm curious as to why you don't use something like the 85L 1.2 lens for these available light shots. I know that you give up the zoom factor that the 70-200 provides but the extra light gathering availability of the 85L, or even the non-L version of the 85, would seem to give you a different option.

  5. Great video! I like the advise on shooting rapid fire to get a sharp low light image.

    Love your blog!