Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Fabulous Friday

Good Morning Everybody,
And yes, I do mean fabulous. Why, well let me tell you about something really dumb I did last Sunday on the way back from Orlando. LaDawn and I had just grabbed a snack at the Orlando airport. I'm always traveling with a computer bag, my camera gear bag, and my Canon 40d over my shoulder. Just in case that perfect image awaits my capturing!!

After our snack, I hit the washroom to to freshen up, boarded the plane, and headed for home. At about 30,000 feet, I realized I had left the camera in the wash room! Needless to say, I was a little bummed for the rest of the trip home.
Any now the good news, I called Orlando Airport Lost and Found, and you guessed it - my camera was just turned in by a very conscientious Delta Airlines employee. The camera arrives today. Kind of helps you keep your faith in the wonderful people in this crazy world of ours. So, on that note, how about sitting back, relax a bit with some great photography on this Inspiration Friday...

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