Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Hoppin' Wednesday

Good Afternoon Everybody,
We have had marathon sessions these last few days. One of my wedding clients came by on Monday to make final selections for her wedding albums. We sat for about 4 hours but heck, we were reviewing 7000 images. We had a great visit and she is thrilled with her selections. I can't wait to get started on the design. Yesterday, I gave my first presentation with Lightroom as my point of sale program. Read below about my +/- experience. Some more interesting information here today, so read on.


  1. Hi David,
    Could you possibly put up a post about your client workflow? By this I mean all the different stages and things you do with / for the client from first email to album delivery. There are volumes on the web about image processing workflows but I think the client workflow should be mastered first and is often overlooked. By the way I only subscribe to 5 blogs so yours is definitely in my top five :)

  2. Good idea - let's see how it developes. Stay tuned. -David