Thursday, April 17, 2008

[B]Business Day Thursday

Good Afternoon Everybody,
We are off and running with some terrific posts today. Thursday's topics are always about business building and I think the first article on developing your press kit is key. Give it a read below. Don't miss the piece on differentiating your business, too - good stuff. Also, I've posted some great advice actually about 75 pieces of advice on brochure design. Don't miss it below. I also found a good article with seven ideas to building a better business.

Also, only one suggestion was posted as a result of last week's post entitled "15 Ways to Create Vendor Buzz". I hope we get several more - readers helping readers, you know. So please post your best ideas in the comment section on that article. I'll keep you posted. Anyway, lets get right to it for today.

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  1. Nice story David, love your thoughts and of course your photos.

    Ken in aruba, with “throw momma off the boat” by blog is

    One can see photos, so far.

    Hey David, the lighting stuff with the sb 800 is great, thank you.

    Ken from KY and former student