Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Most Complete Lightroom Keyboard Shortcut List In The World

Last week I did my first Lightroom video tutorial entitled, "JPEG Showdown, Saving The Pixels" right here. Thanks for all the kind remarks. I also posted Matt Kloskowski's "Best Ten Lightroom Shortcuts" at the bottom of the article "I Love Lightroom, But.." right here.

Anyway, the way it works so often for me is that one thing often leads to another. A few of you posted your favorite shortcuts. I love the tip from Daniel who offered, "To toggle between a Before and After view of the image I love the backslash \ shortcut in the develop module in LR. And to switch on/off the highlight warning use the J shortcut." Thanks Daniel - good tip.

Also, how do you jump from one module to another with Ctl-Alt-1,2,3,4,5 of course. OK, enough of my ramblings - where can you find the best list of Lightroom shortcuts in the whole wide world that includes everything? Glad you asked - here is the link to my favorite Lightroom shortcut listings right here. It's PDF so go get it and print it out for yourselves. Memorize it, post it in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and next to your computer. Before you know it - you'll be the shortcut king/queen.


  1. And the Macintosh keyboard table is here

  2. No mater what... Practice. Practice. Practice. I've been making tutorials also, and its amazing what it has done for my speed. I think my motherboard is getting mad at how hard I work it now. ;-)

  3. I'd like to draw your attention to an iPhone application named LRKeys.


    This little triva like application helps you memorize the keyboard shortcuts of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.