Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday News and More

Good Morning Everybody,
The sun is shining and the breezes are warm:~) What a day it's shaping up to be. I have a client meeting later on this afternoon, a little housekeeping to do around the studio and one more free weekend before we really start to get busy with the spring wedding season.

On a different note, I had a meeting with my Lacie representative earlier this week and will be getting to try out some of their very cool products. I'm not letting the "cat of the bag" here, but one product in particular looks very, very exciting. So stay tuned. Lacie makes some of the best monitors, large hard drives, and NAS storage devices available.

Next week is a busy week too as it is the last week before my Spring Digital Master Class and the prep for that week of instruction is pretty intensive. We had such a wonderful response to our Spring class - six people on the waiting list - that we decided to add a Summer session as well. It already about 1/3 full so if you are interested don't procrastinate just read the blurb below about the class or go right to for all the info. It promises to be an intense informational week as well as a great time for all.

You know, I have been calling Friday "Inspiration Friday" for several weeks now. I've tried to feature some fabulous photography sites with stunning images, and I think you would agree that we found some real pearls out there. But being inspired is more than just photography. Being inspired hits us at all levels - personally, professionally, photographically, and creatively just to name a few. I'm posting some things today that I hope will inspire you in other directions too. Enjoy!

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