Tuesday, April 22, 2008

JPEG Showdown - Saving the Pixels!

Alright gang, what is the best way to save those pixels - let me tell you. I'm an adamant JPEG shooter as you know, so this challenge pops up for me on 3 or 4 images out of 3000+ images I shoot at a wedding ;~) All kidding aside, it's not much of a problem at all with my Canon 40D set to "highlight tone priority" enabled these days. (See earlier DPT article on Highlight Tone Priority - Image Salvation right here.)

If you are a JPEG shooter, you know those super bright pixels sometimes rear their ugly head. In today's Technique Tuesday I want to discuss what has become my favorite highlight recovery strategy when this happens. I use Lightroom's magic for my fix. I'll show you all the settings I use in Lightroom's DEVELOP module to get the best results. The "whip cream on top" - I'll show you how easy it is to save those settings as a Preset for future problem images. Hit play below to see what I'm up to. Enjoy! -David


  1. It's good to find another adamant JPG shooter out there! :-)

  2. To toggle between a Before and After view of the image I love the backslash \ shortcut in the develop module in LR. And to switch on/off the highlight warning use the J shortcut.

    Great tutorial and blog, thanks for sharing, David!

    Regards from Switzerland,

  3. Thanks for sharing this video.