Wednesday, April 23, 2008

High Five To The Top Five

Kudos to all the blogs listed on Scott Kelby's "Top Five List." It's a great read right here. DigitalProTalk was listed in the top five blogs to read everyday. Here are the other four;

Five blogs I read every day:
John Nack on Adobe (link)
Terry White’s Tech Blog (link)
David Hobby’s “The Strobist” (link)
Moose News Blog (link)
DigitalProTalk (link)

High Fives to Scott, a master blogger himself, and everyone else in the his very cool collection.

Hey gang that's it for today - we are pretty well booked solid for the day. I'll come up for air long enough to hit [B]Business Day Thursday tomorrow . See you then, --David.


  1. That is an awesome post. I learned so many things from Scott's list. The links in there are very valuable

  2. Another one to add to the list is:

  3. And yet another (surprised Scott missed this one):