Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Technique Tuesday 04.29.08

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, the class is off and running to a great start. We had a super shoot yesterday - and are planning more photography all day today. Although the rain put a little damper on the Welcome Party festivities at our home last night. But no prob - we just moved everyone and the party indoors and had a great time.

Thanks to Chris, one of our class members, and computer whiz kids to boot - no pun intended - he was able to get my cranky new Dell back in operation in time for our image review. It hit a major hic-cup right before everybody arrived thanks Chris.

I picked some good ones and they are on the presses as I type. Two of the images have been featured elsewhere in the posts so here are the other two. I'll get a nice sampling of my favs next week after the class wraps.

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  1. David, I wish I could have made your class here in Cincinnati this time! I can't wait for you to come around again.