Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Updated My Irfanview

Hey gang, if you are not using Irfanview as your default image viewer, you are missing the boat - it is, hands down, the best tool available. Another incredible feature; it's practically free - just make a small donation. Anyway, why do I bring it up? Because I was just updating the student disk we use for the class which contains some of my favorite shareware and freeware.

I checked for the latest Irfanview update and found I was a few versions behind, so I grabbed the latest version - Version 4.10. Man, I couldn't believe the added features and folks, it's already jammed packed with features. New stuff like easy browsing of RAW images - click on one and up it pops on the screen. Just hit the space bar to view all of the images in your folder.

It also now supports three image viewers - I only use one, Photoshop - just hit Shift-E and up pops the image in Photoshop - way cool for a quick adjust. How about Shift-H and you get an image Histogram. Way too much stuff to list here - check out Irfanview's main page right here for all the info, updates, and downloads - don't forget to gram the plug-ins too. Now for some bad news for a few of our readers ...Irfanview is PC only.

Hey, if any of our MAC readers got a suggestion for an Irfanview look-a-like let me know.


  1. I second that on Irfanview David. I've been through every picture viewer for Windows over the years from Compupic and ThumbsPlus up through Bridge and Lightroom. They all have their place, but for a simple image viewer that deals with RAWs and everything else, Irfanview is fabulous and a bargain to boot.
    Phil Scott

  2. On Mac (Leopard) the OS has image viewing of almost the same calibre as IrFanView built in.

    QuickLook allows for easy full screen viewing of all image formats, either one at a time or with a slideshow. The only thing missing is histograms.