Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Make Your Lighting Exciting, Jumping Kids Pics, Sticky Paper, LR3 Tours, and More

Good Morning Everybody,

We had a great visit in Boston. For our three days in town our pedometer told us we walked about 20 miles around the city. We stayed in Back Bay which meant it was about a 3 mile or about a 1 hour walk to Cambridge and Harvard, the North End, whale watching - just about anywhere we wanted to go. Seeing Boston on foot was a great way to experience and enjoy the city.

Molasses Flood The most interesting story we heard while in Boston was the one about the Great Molasses Flood of 1919. The disaster occurred at the Purity Distilling Company facility on January 15, 1919, an unusually warm day. It seems one of their storage tanks burst and sent, get this, 2,700,000 gallon 5 foot high molasses tsunami rushing through the North End at 35mph! What a sticky mess - here is the link if you want to read the entire story.

The coolest thing we did while visiting the city was to take a whale watching trip. Me, I'm sometimes a skeptic and figured that they call it a whale watching excursion is because you do more watching for the whales than actually seeing the whales.


All I can say is that traveling 40+ mph for 90 minutes in a giant catamaran - way cool all by itself - and then seeing, not just one, but six whales was a great unexpected experience! Yep, we got some great shots!

We made the scenic drive up to Bar Harbor on Sunday and are planning a nice stay in this part of the world till the end of the week. I'll probably have an image or two for you this week.

Ok, enough of our travels, let's get on with a short and sweet Quick Hit Monday. Here we go.

Make Your Lighting Exciting - I’m At Peachpit’s Photo Club Next Tuesday!

Peachpit Photo Club Hey gang, first off, let me give you a quick “heads up” about my webcast at Peachpit's Photo Club next Tuesday [link]. Most of you will love the time 8-9 EDT. That means it's conveniently scheduled in the evening after work so you can tune in.

My topic: "Making Your Lighting Exciting".  I’ll discuss and illustrate some of the fastest and easiest ways to make your lighting exciting with both your on-camera and off-camera flash.  We'll only be hang out for 60 minutes but I talk really fast so I’ll get a lot covered – I promise.  It should be fun. You can get all the Info right here.

Peachpit has several past programs archived so peek around the the Photo Club site and see what else interests you too. I'll see you there next week.

Jumping Kids – Nice Idea

Jumping Kids OK, first of all, this is not a normal Quick Hit I would throw at you on a Monday morning. But what struck me about it when I saw it was the shear creativity of the concept. I found it at The Pioneer blog right here. It's about photographing kids jumping - yes, kids jumping. Maybe a different way to say it is "kids being kids.".

I loved the idea of it photographically. Although a lot of the images shown seemed to be just fun images of the kids, I really think there is something here that a portrait photographer could incorporate into their shooting routine. With the proper lighting and background, I think some great spontaneous images could be made of kids.

It's a completely different way to portray children than moms and dads would expect from a photographer. Maybe I'm wrong but I still love the idea and think the concept could add freshness and a sense of spontaneity to your result.

Looking For Some Lightroom 3 Training?

I just received a note that Kerry Garrison at and Jason Anderson of Canon are about to show the world how to get the most out of Lightroom 3. That's right, Kerry and Jason’s 6 city Lightroom 3 tour kicks off in Anaheim, CA August 1, 2010 and may be coming to a city near you.

I’ll tell you, the price is right at only $79 (early bird registration) for an entire day AND you get a bunch of goodies when you walk through the door!

Kerry LR3Kerry did a massive Lightroom 3 post the day Lightroom 3 was introduced - he knows his stuff. Kerry takes a very practical, easy to understand approach to Lightroom 3 so if you want to get up to speed in no time with Adobe's latest release of Lightroom 3, check out Kerry's LR3 tour right here.

Oh, while you’re over there, check out his other goodies too.  I like the post, “CS5 Content Aware – Just How Good Is It?”  Uhmmm, a good read. self adhesive paper

Make My Pictures Sticky

Museo Sticky If you don't do you own inkjet printing, this may not interest you, but if you do, I think you'll find it pretty cool. Museo Papers has just introduced self adhesive inkjet paper called Museo Foto Fuse [link]. That's right, print on one side. Then, peel the back off and stick on an surface of your choice.

I think this has great possibilities for table top quick displays, product mock ups, quick wedding/portrait albums, and more. Now you can throw the spray can away! Wilf

Be Inspired With These Panoramas

I happen to be a fan of the panorama images and I love to find websites dedicated to panoramas. Panoramas You've got to check out this site right here – has some of the best panorama presentations I've ever seen. Go ahead, head on over and just play in any of their interactive panorama images. Pretty much visual fun.

Fast and Easy Digital Design – Part 2 and Webcast Specials Expire Tomorrow At Midnight

You can still catch my 2 1/2 hour long FAEDD – Pt 2 and still get a deal on all our Webcast specials till Tuesday midnight.  Here is the link to view the webcast and grab a good deal right here.


Hey gang, that’s it from me from around the water cooler this morning.  We had a magnificent sunrise this morning in Bar Harbor, ME, albeit around 4:30 a.m. but through my it’s-too-early-to-focus-eyes it still was really beautiful.

This week DPT will be coming at you from beautiful Bar Harbor, ME.  We are taking it pretty easy this week so who knows when the posts will hit, but I promise, I’ll get them up there for you. I even have a Technique Tuesday scheduled for tomorrow so plan to stop back.

Oh, no, got to go – I hear LaDawn calling.  Adventures awaits ;~)

See everybody tomorrow,  David

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