Thursday, July 08, 2010

Business Day Thursday: Divide and Conquer That Wall Space

Good Morning Everybody,
Boston LR - Fotolia_4857209_Subscription_L Well, we made it.  We landed safe and sound in Boston yesterday afternoon, checked into the hotel, and plan to just take it easy – about time, LaDawn says.

I’ll tell you, we love this part of the country – the people, the history, and the food.  We’re here till Sunday then on to Bar Harbor, Maine. We have not had the opportunity to visit this part of the East coast and we are really looking forward to seeing the sights.  I’ll plan to share a few photographs with you next week.

Hey gang, I’ve got a really great business idea for you today.  It might take a little work/expense on your part to pull it off, but the rewards will be worth it.  I think you’ll like it.  Please read on.

Divide and Conquer That Wall Space
When LaDawn and I travel, one of the highlights of our trips are usually a trip to a local art gallery or two.  For me, it's not just about the art or the photography we see.  It's also about how the work is presented.

Wall Cluster I remember when we were in Sedona, Arizona a few years ago, we wondered into a gallery with some striking desert images displayed.  But more importantly, it was how the were displayed.
The overall image was a beautiful scene of a slot canyon.  But the image was displayed in 4 separate sections.  The impact was striking.  I sort of held this idea in the back of my mind for awhile now thinking I would offer that kind of a presentation for some of my fine art images.

Well, it seems a west coast lab beat me to the idea.  I recently received an email from Bay Photo. I'm not quite sure how I got on their mailing list, but I always give industry related emails a cursory peek.  I'm glad I did this time.  They were just introducing their new Wall Cluster Splits. The following images represent a few of their examples.

Clusters 1 We've been offering our clients wall gallery options for years. A "wall gallery" is much more exciting to sell than just a single wall portrait - it's includes several images.  And, when done correctly, wall galleries make a striking visual impression in any home.

OK, back to these wall clusters. What makes them so compelling.  In my opinion, it is the much more contemporary feel this kind of presentation brings to the overall image presentation. The "canvass wrap" is all the rage these days.  Just look at all the companies offering this kind of service - they're everywhere!

Cluster 5 Wall Cluster Splits just "amp up" the whole concept of canvass wraps.  I've loved the idea since I first saw it at that Sedona Art gallery many years ago.  Think of the possibilities you can now offer your clients!  Wall Cluster Splits of a small collection of wedding images, portrait images, and even fine art images.

This whole idea gives you a great way to offer your client more than just one image to display on their wall.  Now you can show them how a wall cluster split can add a striking center of interest to any room of their home.  As I said, the possibilities are endless.

Here is my suggestion for you.

Hit The “Read More…” link below for the rest of the story.

Create at least six wall cluster splits, here is the list:

1. One for families
2. One for weddings - more formal
3. One for weddings - more casual
4. One for high school seniors
5. One for children or babies
6. One for fine art - time to dig through the vacation images

These are just six quick ideas for wall cluster splits.  I'm sure you have many ideas of your own.  Think B&W, Sepia, multiple-image clusters, single image splits - the list goes on and on.

Cluster 2 After you get your clusters designed and printed, hang one on your white display walls and photograph it in place.  Don't have a wall, then it's time to head to your local home supply store and get the supplies to build yourself a temporary wall.  Do the same for each of the wall clusters.

OK, you are half way there.  Now head over to and search for living rooms, bed rooms, family rooms - you get the idea.  Spend a few bucks and download the medium res versions of those rooms.

OK, I think you see where I'm heading with this idea.  You guessed it.  Head into Photoshop and create your "in home" wall cluster presentations sized as 9 in. x 12 in.  With several wall clusters and a few rooms, you should be able to come up with lots of variations.

Now this is where the fun begins.  If you've done a decent job of creating your room images, they should look pretty cool.  Go get them printed, place them in an album and now you have a wonderful sales tool to show during your next portrait consultation.

Cluster 3 Wait, there's more....  Be sure to save out lower res images that you can also present on your laptop, or dare I say it - your new iPad.  What a great way to add sizzle to any client presentation.  And, what a great way to boost your image sales!

It's going to take a little effort to get all this together, but working harder is what separates the successful folks from those who aren't.  I promise you, your efforts will be worth it!

In an upcoming Business Day Thursday, I'll give you a peek at one of our sales presentations.  As I'm writing this, I'm thinking it just may be a series I could start around here;~). Stay tuned.
Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I'll plan to see everybody tomorrow for another Food For Thought Friday: How many Moments Do We Miss?

Hope to see ya' then,  -David


  1. David, I got the same email from Bay and took a look at their ideas, quite an impressive display. My question is, do you think there might be someway in Lightroom 3 to create a "print template" to duplicate their offerings, load your images in the template, print it out to a jpeg file and somehow overlay it in Photoshop to the downloaded stock room images? It would certainly save a lot of printing costs!

    Just a thought. Thanks for all your great tutorials, videos and instructions, your a kind and generous soul! Paul

  2. Hi David (and beachsidePaul) I actually created a project that allows you to create these wall displays WITHOUT the need to actually order the images and photograph them on a wall.

    My "Photographer's Wall Display Templates" have clipping masks with tons of different groupings, you just drop your client's images into the clipping masks that overlay the room backgrounds and done.

    David, if you'd like a copy to review, let me know!

    Ariana Falerni

    PS, one of my customers sent me a link to this post. She liked your idea and then was happy to find my product that took all of the "work" out of it :)