Monday, July 19, 2010

"My Embraceable You"

My Embraceable You

"My Embraceable You"
©David A. Ziser
I’m getting back to mostly wedding/portrait centric images this week since we are back from our travels. Here is another image made back in the good old film days.  This image was captured as part of the pre-bridal shoot I did with this couple.  Yes, we got together before the wedding and i was able to capture some great shots.  This was one of my favorites.  The bouquet, the center of focus, does not diminish the feeling you pick up from the couple as you look more closely at the couple.  See how they are moving towards each other for the kiss. It’s their "body english" that gives it away, but adds wonderfully to my shot of the bouquet.  Camera specs:  Hasselblad500 CM fitted with 150mm Sonar lens, F 4.0 @ 1/250 second, Kodak Vericolor Portra 800 (ISO 800) film. Enjoy!  -David

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