Thursday, July 29, 2010

Captured By The Light 2010 Tour Kicks Off Today! Use Code CBLDPT1- To Save $20 Off Registration

Captured By The Light Tour Kicks Off Today!

Today is the day! I'm officially announcing the the kick off of my brand new digital photography tour "Captured By The Light 2010". Because of the tremendous success of my book by the same name, we are hitting the road and planning to share with you a few highlights from the book, some great new lighting secrets, and lots of dynamite photography and software techniques.

Hit this link right here for all the latest information and to register! Don’t for get to use Promo Code CBLDPT10 – it will save you $20 off the registration $79 fee!

CBTL Brochure page

Hey, I don't plan to stop with just that either. I've also got a few of my latest greatest Lightroom 3, Lumapix, and NIK tips and tricks, just to name a few, to show you. And, I'll wrap with some solid new ideas on how to promote yourself and your photography business.

The cool thing is that this year's program is NEW and jammed packed with information you can start using right away! The program is scheduled for 4 hours, and what I don't cover that evening, we’re throwing in a Tour DVD with and additional 4 hours of extended content covering lighting, Lightroom, photography, marketing, and much more. That means you will be getting 8 solid hours of info all in one evening.

Each attendee will also receive our Welcome Pack with over $350 of REAL value. And, yes, we are doing it again. We are giving away over $3,500 worth of door prizes each evening! That was so much fun last year. So thanks to our sponsors' generosity, we are doing it again. It's always a BIG crowd pleaser.

You can get all the information and register right here. I'm really excited with this year's tour and hope to see everybody there!


  1. Love to come but you never get close to the 6 million people living in Tidewater area of Virginia. Come to Virginia Beach!

  2. Looks like a good event, but I'm bummed you're not coming anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. Your Portland visit last year was great.

  3. Hey David,

    I can't tell you how excited I am that you will be bringing your tour to the Detroit area. It's not often we get a real pro into the area. Some good work shops on occasion, but seldom one of the mentors of the profession such as yourself. The knowledge you have passed on via your blog, books, etc. has been more help than you know and I always look forward to the next days post.

    Can't wait to see you on tour.

  4. Rats. Hope to see Jacksonville Florida added to your list - come here in the winter when it's merely warm (and not the 110F heat index we're expecting tomorrow). Did I mention the lack of snow in January? LOL

    Serioiusly, I just KNOW you're going to add Jacksonville and Orlando (maybe even Miami and Tampa) to your tour. Come on - you know you want to snowbird!

  5. I want to sign up for the event here in Phoenix, but my mother is quite ill and unknown how much longer she has.