Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Cabo Colors – A Lightroom/Fine Art Tutorial & Media Update

Good Afternoon Everybody,

CD-Dimension-logo Before we kick things off with today's Technique Tuesday episode, I want to clarify a few things from yesterday's post. Of course, everyone wants to know which brand is best when it comes to blank DVD and CD media. I mentioned that I’ve used Taiyo Yuden for the last several years based on advice I got from our supplier, CD Dimensions.

The discs we purchase are rated for 100 years according to our tech rep. As mentioned yesterday, Taiyo Yuden and JVC have created a marketing partnership that will now sell the Taiyo Yuden brand under the JVC name [link].

TY-LOGO1Want to know which blank we purchase - here is the link showing the Taiyo Yuden/JVC blank DVDs over at CD Dimensions. CD Dimensions  shows they are out of stock at this time, but that should only be temporary until the company's complete the brand transition and sell out of their current supply of Taiyo Yuden stock, which you can easily find right here.

Not on a budget and want the best, most long lived DVD and CD media available? Here is the link to the MAM-A Gold DVDs at $2.35 ea.

What about other brands out there? Here is a listing of brands from the best to not so good over at DigitalFAQ.com right here. Hey gang, that should give you a good place to start.  As for me, I'm sticking with my trusted Taiyo Yuden brand, not JVC Professional.

And now on with Technique Tuesday.

Cabo Colors - Before and After

Last week I did a post entitled, "Cabo Colors Wednesday."  The images were posted from our "photo walks" taken right in the neighborhood where we stayed. The subject matter of my images were from very simple surrounds.

In today's tutorial, I thought I'd walk you through my Lightroom process of creating excitingly colorful final images from rather mundane subject matter like a home, car port, and veranda. For me, it's all about color and Lightroom sure makes it easy for us to manipulate and enhance those colors.  So today, let's take a walk through my Technicolor world of Cabo abstracts.  Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.


Hey everybody, that's it for me today.  The day almost got away from me and I've got to get back to my real job.  Have a good one and I'll see everybody tomorrow.

See ya' then,  -David

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  1. Hi David,
    In the first image, when you were attempting to adjust the color of that patch in the roof, I think you will find this approach much quicker:

    Instead of trying to guess the color composition of any given area, open up the HSL panel, then beside one of those three settings (depending on what you want to adjust), click on that little circular target icon to the left of the name. You will see little arrows appear above and below the circle. Now just click on the part of the photo you want to adjust — in this case the small wedge of roof — and drag up or down to increase or decrease the Hue, Saturation or Luminance. This works better than trying to adjust individual colors because that patch of roof may well consist of a combination of reds, oranges and yellows, for example.

    Same end result, just a little faster and maybe more accurate approach.

    Nice image, BTW!
    Trev J.