Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Things Friday’s - My 2000 DPT Post!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

2000-Fireworks - iStock_000004279531XSmall I knew I was getting close but today is the day.  Yep, it’s my 2000th post here at! That means to date at DigitalProTalk that you can read over 1.4 million words on  Photography, Lighting, Photoshop, Lightroom, Business Building, Sales, and Marketing – and most ALL of it is original content!

You can view over 500 “Image of The Day” posts most with all the EXIF data and back story of each shot.

You can also view over 100 video tutorials on Lighting, Lightroom, Photography, and Photoshop posted over these last 24+ months.

So how many words is that? Well, if you had to read Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” in high school - as I did – and it was a long read totaling over 560,000 words, then DPT to date is well over twice as long.

1 - LaDawn 800x800 px IMG_0093a In those early days, it was tough to get the posts up on a daily basis.  Even today, many times, even when time is short, I always managed to get the posts up many times to the consternation of my blog editor. 

And my blog editor? – Well, a GREAT BIG thanks goes to LaDawn who proofs nearly all the posts, correcting my miss-wording or miss-spellings along the way hopefully making things easier for you to read and understand each day.

DAZ and Scott It’s been quite a literary journey. I owe another giant thank you to my uber-blogging buddy, Scott Kelby, who encouraged me to give blogging a try more than two years ago.  Scott also gave me the most important piece of advice for blogging success, “If you don’t feed the MONSTER it will die.”  Thanks Scott for all your wisdom, advice and support along the journey.

It was Scott who emailed me early one Sunday morning after 18 months of “5-day a week” non-stop blogging and asked, “So, are you ready to write your book yet?” I was shocked at the prospect, but answered a cautious … Yes.DAZ Wedding Book 

And the latest news - “Captured By The Light” was wrapped by Kelby Media yesterday and was shipped early yesterday evening to Peachpit Press for printing and publication!

Lastly, I want to thank all of you loyal DPT readers – 1.6 million visitors from over 198 countries worldwide and over 7000 strong nearly everyday! If you keep reading, sharing the blog and information, making your comments… I’ll keep writing!

Thanks everybody.  See ya’ on Monday with blog post #2001, David



    What a vast corner of knowledge you have created on your blogging site.

    It is a page I have visited every single day since I found it, and has given me a wealth of inofrmation that I try to use on a daily basis.

    David keep up the great work!

    From your friend in Aruba,

  2. Congratulations on reaching 2000, David.

    We readers are the beneficiaries.

    I Look forward greatly to reading your book!

    Thanks a million,

  3. Where can I order the book Mr. Ziser ?

  4. Thank you for the many posts, I found your site not that long ago and look forward to your new post every day. Then I find some time to go back and see more on previouse months.

    No doubt that this site will keep growing, feed me Im hungry!

  5. Well done David, we should be thanking you not the other way round. I'm an enthusiastic amateur with absolutely no interest in wedding photography but have been reading your blog daily since I found it about 18 months ago. I must say that all your posts are very interesting and I've learned so much from you. Having said I've no interest in wedding photography I do like looking at your photos as I appreciate all your skill and the bottom line is that they're always superb. My daughter has just got engaged so choice of photographer will now be much more difficult or should I say expensive, I'll never be able to afford that Canon 7D!
    Keep up the great work, keep feeding us monsters.
    Thanks again.
    Phil Walker

  6. An amazing personal achievment and a huge public benefit.

    Thank you very much for all the information and inspiration!


    United Kingdom

  7. Wow! Staggering numbers. Congratulations on the success of your blog. I know it's a daily read for me. Thanks for doing what you do.

  8. David, thank you and your staff :) for your work.
    It is a pleasure to encorporate some of your techniques to my style and improvise to achieve this 'perfect' look.

  9. Quite a milestone David, your art is photography and your gift is teaching, thank you for sharing both with us.

    Daryl Osborne
    Yucaipa, CA

  10. David,I have been a follower of you ever since your first toor in Avon Lake Ohio.I love your knowlege filled blog and follow it faithfully.Thanks for sharing.

  11. I caught your tour in Sacrament this year and it was great! Looking forward to the book!
    Roger Aylstock
    Sacramento, CA