Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Mother and Child"

Mother and Child

"Mother and Child"
©David A. Ziser

Here is another portrait I made during a portrait session I had about 10 days ago.  This is actually the third image I've posted from the session. I've shown a portrait of mom, dad, and baby in the post entitled, "Precious Moments" [link]. Next, I featured dad and baby in my post entitled, Father and Child" [link].  With all three images, I think we've got a great series for my clients.  Anyway, the set-up was super simple. Be sure to watch today's tutorial below for exactly how I did it. What I love about this images is the story being told between the mother and child. The baby, wide-eyed, looks directly at the viewer with it's ever so soft smile. The hint of a twinkle in the eyes implies, for me, that our next generation is ready to embrace it's brand new life.  It's the mom's gentle yet encouraging gaze in the background that completes the diagonal composition of the image.  Camera specs; Canon 7D fitted with 18-200mm IS lens at 80mm, F8.0 @ 1/80 second, ISO 800. 

Enjoy!  -David


  1. David, I really need your help. Would you please give me your thoughts on the Quantum Trio compared to the T5D flash. Is the Trio cost effective? Thank you.


  2. I too would love to hear your comments on this as well I have been looking into that lighting system and I am unsure which to go with and what is the differnce.