Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Peek Into the Past - Library of Congress Images

Thanks to the good guys over at, I caught this piece of news about the Library of Congress uploading several of their archived images (about 3000 so far) on Flickr. Here is the Library of Congress Flickr link.

It is a fascinating collection of images dating from 1910 to 1942 and gives a look back to our history, but also a look back in time. It's a peek into how we worked, how we lived, and what our world was like about 60 - 100 years ago. Each image, including many of the early images are made from glass plates. It's a wonderful opportunity to peek back in time at how life was for our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. An incredible sneek peek at the past - highly recommended for a visit.


  1. The Flickr posts are nice, but the Library of Congress' American Memory site has far more, and is actually easier to search through.

    There are collections, or you can search by keyword. Often there are links are to bigger images with better detail.

    There is a lot of non-photographic material, facsimiles of diaries, letters, etc which help add some historical context.

    Search by photographer (Adams, Hine) or subject (Child Labor Nebraska landscape)

  2. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for the new info - you are right - nice link.