Monday, December 31, 2007

Top TEN DigitalProTalk Stories of 2007

So what were the top ten most popular stories this year? Well here they are leading off with the most popular;

1. Carrot Cake Lighting - Who would have believed it?

2. Ziser Sets New Off Camera Flash Record - A little lighting creativity.

3. The New Canon 7D - Everybody loves a rumor.

4. It's Technique Tuesday - Yep, This is the premier episode which was on lighting technique.

5. Highlight Tone Priority - Image Salvation - My favorite new camera feature!

6. Wednesday News and Tips - Kind of the early beginnings of Technique Tuesday - more lighting technique.

7. Dodge and Burn Cha-Cha - A nice little Photoshop tutorial.

8. Backlighting for Fun and Profit - Another "cool" lighting feature.

9. Best Little Light In the World - Easy and portable portrait lighting set up.

10. Wedding Shoot Out and Photoshop World Opening - A nice slide show series of images of my "Wedding Shoot Out" in Las Vegas.

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