Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All Smiles Wednesday

Good Early Evening Everybody,

Well, today just keeps on changing. I thought I was going to get the posts up today around 4:00 P.M. and get a good start on tomorrow's, but the laws of nature, physics, and marital harmony - just kidding LaDawn - have changed all of that - it was not meant to be. So on with "Plan B" - today's post will also be tomorrow's post too - read no post on Thursday (so you can fully enjoy the late Wednesday post), but the Thursday post will be made up in it's entirety in future posts a small bit a time. "Technique Tuesday" which was to be "Technique Thursday" is now going to be "Technique Friday" for sure.
So now let's rewind to how the post started earlier today ----
Hopefully everyone enjoyed a little time off this last day or two. I have to tell you, it was wonderful having a nice and easy day yesterday. But we are back at it again today, but not too heavy - just a nice portrait shoot for some great clients. They are really fantastic friends too. This week is always kind of slow (ha) since staff is mostly on hiatus till after the new year. I'll tell you, the break is well needed.
Anyway, in addition to the regular posts, I'm posting some thoughts on small business management today - check out "Training New Personnel In Record Time" below. This was going to be a quick post about the Camtasia software but it got extended quite a bit and I think there is some "food for thought" here - please give it a read. What else is happening, well everybody likes free stuff, especially good free stuff, so read on - some really cool stuff today...

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