Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beautiful Photographs in the No-Color Fall

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I promised a friend that I would photograph her daughter in the beautiful outdoor surrounds. The problem was that the "outdoor surrounds" were quickly disappearing as we were late into November and most of the fall color was gone - or so one would think. But you know, a bit of color and a long lens - I chose my 70-200 IS F2.8 Canon on my 40D - can go a long way in adding a lot of color to the scene.

Here is the reason - a the long focal length with the 1.6x magnification on the 40D expands and blurs the background giving a wonderfully beautiful and pleasing background for my subject. So, all I had to do was find my little patches of color. The beautiful direction of light was created with my off camera flash set to the appropriate output to give me properly exposed highlights while underexposing the ambient which gave me just the right amount of fill light. The lighting and selective focus of the long lens combined to give a great set of images for Lindsey. A beautiful sunset at the end of the shoot was the icing on the cake. Hit the "PLAY" button below to see a few selected images from the shoot.


  1. Nice music. Lovely young woman.

  2. Great shoot David... I'm jealous.

  3. That slideshow is really nice. I like this one much better than the first.
    Sunset and pillars are amazing.

    -Death Bag Toter