Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wait, There's More - Free Stuff!

Will the gifts ever stop coming?? I was going to post this before the holidays but ran out of space - so here it is today - over 130 TV and movie fonts over at I can remember being a "font junkie" back in the day of my early computing experience. I had so many, but most were kind of useless. This set is pretty cool. Take a peek they are all free, all the time. And wait, there is still more - now that you have a few dozen new fonts, check out "15 Tips On How To Choose the Right Font" right here. What a great way to start a new year - playing with a bunch of new "font toys".

Hey, gang, that's about it for today - I'm heading back to my own set of Santa goodies and checking out another DVD on my new Blu-Ray player. See everybody tomorrow. --David

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