Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Designer Portraiture or How to Fool Mother Nature

Hey gang, it's Technique Tuesday again. Here is the dilemma - what do you do when you are scheduled to do a family portrait - six family members together for the first time in three years - on a Saturday morning, but Mother Nature just gifted you 3 inches of snow and freezing rain? Well, that was my challenge this past Saturday. To cancel the shoot was out of the question. So how about Designer Portraiture? That's what we did and we got a great result! The client "loved" it. Check out the tutorial below - I think you will enjoy the lesson. Read the P.S. following the video for some more related tips and links.

Thank You to Graham r for pointing out after last week's Technique Tuesday - "Winter Wonderland Any Time of the Year", that you can drag the "Extract Highlighter" off and around the canvass space reconnecting at the other side just like the "lasso" tool. Yep, works just fine - Thanks, Graham. Here is another link showing 5 background masking techniques right here.


  1. That was a GREAT tutorial. You've given me lots to think about there...

  2. David,

    Thanks so much for your tutorials. They really show me how to know I have options for a photo shoot when the client may think we don't. I wish there was a way to download your tutorials for me to view at home since I only have internet at work and not at home where I do my photography work. Any thoughts?

    Pat Flanakin

  3. What an absolutely amazing tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing your techniques! I've been reading Digital Pro Talk now for about 6 months and have found it to be one of the most informative blogs on the net. Thanks again and great work!

  4. Hello canoflan,

    I use Firefox3, and there is an addon called Download Helper, and I can download and save about 95% of the video clips on sites.

    Very handy to save these brilliant tutorials.