Friday, December 21, 2007

Hot Breaking News - Ziser on International TV!

Yes, the programming will be on millions of computers around the world. OK, I hyping it just a bit here, but here is the news in case you missed it yesterday over at Scott Kelby's site. Kelby Training just announced a very extensive on-line training program with a list of 18 (and growing) of the best trainers in the industry including Scott, Bert Monroy, Joe McNally, Katrin Eismann, just to name a few, and yours truly. I have to say, I am thrilled and honored to be part of this wonderful project. Here is the Kelby Training link right here - you've got to check it out. LaDawn and I are heading down to Tampa to work on my training videos the second week of January, so they should be on-line before you know it. I'll keep you posted - we are planning to get the first 2 of 5 videos courses completed within that time period.

Here is a short preview of the content of Video courses #1 and #2:
Master Your Lighting, Master Your Market
In this video David will show you how to really separate yourself from the "Flat Lighting" crowd. David will demonstrate just how easily and quickly you can light your images beautifully and dramatically, making them stand out from the crowd. Watch how he quickly uses his portable off-camera flash, filtered flash, bounce flash, back-lighting, and many other lighting techniques to create images that let you really rise above the crowd in a wedding/portrait market that has been diluted with so much flat, one dimensional photography. You don’t shoot weddings – no problem. David’s techniques work equally well for the portrait and senior photographer, or anyone seeking to differentiate their creative look and style from the "rest of the pack."

15 Ways to Make Your On-Camera Flash Take Better Pictures
David will show you how to get the best out of your on camera flash and he doesn't mean using it the good old fashion way. He's talking about creating a beautiful direction of light on your subjects that is far an away better than what most photographers do. He will show several additional techniques that will help you produce amazing images with what the gear you already have. This video will become your most valuable component of your on-camera flash!

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  1. What's a guy got to tote to get a copy of these new videos?