Thursday, April 21, 2011

Business Day Thursday: 5 Ways To The Ultimate Client Sizzle! Sedona Experience Update!

Good Morning Everybody,

Wow!  Was yesterday a kick or what?  Even with the early morning wake-up call, I think everyone had a great time at my Early Bird shoot.  We had good looking models, great weather, and a fantastic location. What could be better? Yes, that’s me on the floor getting that last terrific shot you see below.

Banff shootIMG_0650Even the techie side of the shoot went perfectly.  Once again I was shooting wirelessly directly from my Canon 7D into my iPad so the class could see the results within a few seconds. I was using the Canon WFT-E5A Wireless Image Transmitter [link] to transmit directly into ShutterSnitch [link], a $15.99 app for the iPad. The 7D was set to capture in RAW and Small JPEG – it was the very small JPEGS I was transmitting over to the iPad.  Because of their small size, only about 800k, the transmission time was about 2-3 seconds – really fast!

Banff shootIMG_4600-EditDAZNOTE:  The secret to seamless transmission is to set the camera and iPad NEVER to shut off.  That way the channel of communication is never broken and never needs to be reset during the shoot.  It took me three tries before I figured that one out.

I have to tell you, it was one fine way to teach and the class loved it.  Talking about my thoughts and what I was planning to create the image, shooting the image, and then seeing it pop up on the iPad 2 seconds later ramped up the learning experience for everyone. That, by the way, brings us to the topic of today’s post.

The Ultimate Client Sizzle!

Ok, having described what I did yesterday with my class, I want you to think of the real world studio possibilities for your own client’s photography sessions using this technology – the possibilities are endless and exciting.  Let me share with you 5 suggestions.

Canon WFT-E5A1. Using the same set up described above I could shoot directly into the iPad at a wedding.  I would suggest two ways of doing this.  Shoot the entire wedding to the iPad.  That way you would have ALL the images ready for a slide show later in the evening during the reception – way cool.

Now even a more way cool application – shoot the reception images directly into the iPad connected to a data projector via the iPad projector connector.  Now the bride and groom and guests will see the excitement of the evening unfolding in real time right before their eyes! The long range transmitting capability of the Canon wireless unit will assure seamless transfer for the duration of the party.

ShutterSnitch2. You’re out shooting a job on location – let’s say two small children.  You’re in the park shooting away and capturing some great images.  Sure, you can show mom the back of the camera occasionally and she’ll be excited seeing the small images.

Now let’s ramp up the excitement a bit.  Shoot wirelessly into the iPad with my set up and let her follow the shooting with the iPad right there in her lap. How cool would that be?

ShutterSnitch even has a Star rating system where your client could begin the selection process right in the field!

3. You’re shooting a high school senior in the studio, out of the studio – wherever. Shoot directly into the iPad and let your client follow the shoot.  You can preview shooting ideas with them right on the spot fine tuning the session with your client’s direct feed back. They’ll feel a greater sense of involvement in the session and their input should result in them liking a larger number of the mages.

ShutterSnitch24. You’ve got your mom’s excited, your high school senior clients excited, you’ve got everybody excited with your very cool wireless shooting set up. Wouldn't it be cool for your clients to post some of those images directly to their Facebook page right there on the spot during the shoot.  Shutter Snitch has that function built right into it – awesome!

5. Your working with a commercial client shooting product, food, interiors, etc.  Now they can have their own private iPad monitor to follow the session offering suggestions and tweaks along the way that enhance the finished result even more.

In conclusion

The bottom line to shooting success in all these instances is the “instant feedback” response going directly to the iPad. The screen is plenty large for several individuals to see the images popping to the screen on and how the image looks in real time.

It’s a win-win for everybody, including you, because the client can offer suggestions, tweaks, changes, etc. along the way that facilitate the best results quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently and at the same time kick lots of “sizzle” into the process!

CBTL DVD setI’d love to get you feedback, ideas and suggestions too.  Why not post them in the comment section below.  If I receive at least a few comments, I‘ll give the person with the best suggestion a copy of my very popular “Captured By The Light” 14 hour DVD [link] set worth $59.  Hey, you can’t beat that and it’s a great way to share with our DPT readers. I hope you’ll take a minute or two to participate.

Sedona Experience Update!

The Sedona Experience 2Hey gang, I just wanted to let you know that we still have just a couple of seats left for our upcoming “The Sedona Experience – A Private Workshop.”  [link] We are keeping the class size super small for maximum interactive benefit to our participants.

I figure we’ll be spending about 30 waking hours together for this intense, exciting, learning experience.  I have to tell you, the HIT of my Master Class last week was when I worked with each small group individually for about an hour at a time.  Now multiply that by 30 hours working exclusively in a small group (limit of 6) and you can see the real impact of this rare learning opportunity!

Give Jennifer a call at 800.292.2994 for more info.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  After our super long day yesterday – about 17 hours – I promised LaDawn a day off.  We’re heading out to see some of the sights today, even though we have gray cloudy skies and a few snow flurries falling. Ahhh, Spring in Banff ;~) Still, we’re looking forward to enjoying the break and the magnificent scenery of this beautiful country.

See everybody tomorrow,  David


  1. You made up my mind on whether to buy the WFT-E5A when I upgrade to a Canon 7D later this year. I love the idea of the client seeing the images in real time, and projecting the reception images in real time is a killer app for sure.


    Gary W. Clark

  2. Now I can justify the added cost of purchasing the Eye-Fi Card. Even though I am still shooting as an amateur the prospect of being able to share my pictures with my spouse, friends, whoever immediately on the larger screen is worth way more than the cost of the card. Thinking I could even use the iPad on the front of my tripod for feedback without even moving away from the shot.

  3. David,

    Great stuff with the Ipad. I shoot tethered many times and find it helpful for the model as well if she can instantly see the poses. Makes for a much better photography session for both.

  4. Not only at wedding receptions, but can you imagine the excitement among the young teenagers at Mitzvah celebrations with their projected dancing images!

  5. After reading this post the first thing that came to my mind was to try this technique during a wedding but let the bride (who is usually in a room by herself waiting) hold the iPad so that she can see the wedding unfolding in realtime. And I'm sure this will add extra special moments for her day.

  6. David - it was a real pleasure to meat you and LaDawn at the Canadian Imaging Conference. Your talks and live shoot were very inspiring - everyone I talked to afterwards felt the same. Your presence was a definite highlight for the conference.

    And, I'm glad you figured out that trick with keeping your camera and iPad on and that I didn't 'actually' break your camera.

    All the best to you and LaDawn,

  7. Shooting tethered is a technique I use in my studio but carrying a larger laptop to locations is a pain. The iPad is the best solution and as you say, the instant feedback excites the client and may enlarge their purchase decision.

    My additional idea is to use wireless printing from the iPad to a small printer at the shoot site so you could let your client walk away with 'proofs' of some shots to show people immediately after the shoot! Again, another idea to clinch more sales.


  8. David, one idea I have is to do the wireless capture to the iPad, but also have a wireless printer on site and you could print some small 'proofs' for the client to take home immediately from the event. This could bolster the client excitement as well as sales to that customer. There are now means of wirelessly printing from the iPad, so the idea has some legs from a technical perspective.

  9. Ah - family portrait sessions! Relief for Mom to see before everyone scatters that her three children, two dogs, and husband are all looking at the camera happily and that her hair is flawless to boot! Nobody move! Let's make sure we got it and that mama is happy - because if mama ain't happy...

  10. The 8GB Pro X2 (that can handle RAW) also dropped in price last year and is now $100 shipped by amazon.
    I plan to use it in my 5dMII (with a compatible CF adapter even though it isn't officially supported) for doing event photos.
    I usually shoot in RAW + small JPEG and send the small file to the ipad. Makes people pretty happy to see stuff quickly and impresses clients. If walking around I carry the iPAD in my camera backpack absorbing the shots as they come through and people are wowed that it is there so quickly.

    This works well for red carpet kind of shoots since you get instant feedback and excitement. I just set it up on a table right next to me facing them but to the side. It helps my flow. I take the shot, it uploads and they move off to the side to view it while I set up the next folks. My card stack is right next to it.

    For events I print a few copies of a reminder of where the photos are going to be (the most common question I get asked, I set up the album and URL ahead of time) and put a reminder for people to take a picture of the sign with their camera phone so they know exactly where to get the pics. I also generate a QR code that I print as well so the tech savvy can use their phone scanners.

  11. David,

    After reaing your post, I had to have the transmitter, however after several hours I cannot figure out how to get it to connect. The best suggestion I can come up with it for you to create a short little video showing us how. Afterall I have heard you comment on how good your IT wiz is and he could probably put something together in minutes.

    Thanks for the post.


  12. Joe S. ( AM, April 23, 2011

    Shuttersnitch -- What a great concept that offers so many possibilities.
    * Portrait shooters, in addition to showing the model progress - how about connecting the iPad up to your large screen in the studio waiting room for Mom or other clients to see a shoot in session.
    * Behind the scenes videos can be enhanced by including a view of the iPad in the video frame.
    * Sports shooters, how about connecting a camera up behind the Lacrosse goal or soccer goal where you often are not allowed to stand - combined with a wireless remote this will offer great sidelines shots.

    For those wanting more depth of how it all works together, A GREAT run through is offered on Rob Gailbraith's "Digital Photography Insights" site ( Where he offers a video of how it works, numerous pages of what various setups are, and how different camera, remote combos, and portable wifi routers all work together. Recent updates on Rob's site include info on the latest version of Shuttersnitch, as well info on a portable wifi router that offers increased power to bridge the distance on the sports field or from Wedding Photog to bride-in-waiting as an earlier comment suggested (bottom of page --> Check out Rob's site to get much more info on the various configurations for shooting with Shuttersnitch if you have further questions.

    Thanks David for raising this creative solution that adds so many possibilities!!

  13. Hey David,
    Well, have another couple/few toys to buy now :) Have to look for the Nikon equivalents. Best to you re: the Sedona Experience! Your Master Class was a blast and I'd love to join you in Sedona but unfortunately I'll be in Athens on those dates. But all the best, God bless and Happy Easter to you, LaDawn, Jennifer and the whole team!

  14. I just won new business photographing several times a year at a dance studio. When I told the dance school owner that the client can see the images of their child come up right before their eyes as I photograph (previously they had to choose from the back of the camera)and they could choose the print the wish to order right from the iPad, I got the new account. Now I have to purchase an iPad and transmitter. Hee-hee.

  15. I have a couple ideas for using this set up.

    1) School sporting events. A set up like this would allow folks to see some of the action, either projected or their ipads. It would also work for school social events, giving the youngsters photos and precious memories and their folks and teachers a greater peace of mind.

    2) Political events. Politicians/Public speakers could get their shots and videos approved and released during the event and their message out before it can get distorted.

    3) How about press photos for corporate meetings and events, getting the news out even quicker?

    Just some thoughts.

    Love your blog and ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I'd love to shoot to an iPad.