Friday, February 06, 2009

Gear Bag Friday - Double Blast Video Week - The Video Tour Of My Gear Bag

Good Morning Everybody,
I'm super stoked today. We are inches away from launching my tour, "Digital WakeUp Call - A New Dawn." We are putting finishing touches on the web site as we speak. I can't wait to tell you the rest of the story - this tour will be absolutely the most informative, most valuable seminar you will ever attend - guaranteed!. If we get the site launched over the weekend, I'll give you a quick head's up. Anyway, let's move on to our last episode of Gear Bag Friday...

Gear Bag Friday - The Video Tour
Hey gang, today I thought I would wrap our series of Gear Bag Friday with a video tour of my gear bag. I'll show you where the lenses and cameras sit, and how we work the gear bag at a wedding. Remember, I'm an engineer by training so all my geek training in that department goes into what I want to cover in today's post. I hope you find it enjoyable and informative. Hit the PLAY button below to further see what lurks in my gear bag ;~)

That's a wrap for today. See everybody next week. Have a great weekend, and remember, its a good idea to vacuum any loose pixels out of your gear bag from time to time. See ya' Monday, -David


  1. what a nice video, david, the roller bag u mentioned in the video, i think it is too smaller as lowepro roller pro 2, it looks more like a roller pro 1 or mini. also where do you put your quantum flash + battery? i know it is a big monster, do you have a separate bag just for it?


  2. David, I too want to know where you put the Qflash and to ensure you don't leave it at home or on location. I use my flash on a bracket what about you. In the film days we put our flash on a bracket.

  3. Nice video and great information!

  4. David,

    Nice video. It's always interesting to set how other photographers set up their gear.

    You're definitely more organized than me.


  5. I am interested in how you handle your CF cards during the shoot. I understand about the method of turning them over once shot, but where do you keep the cards during the event. I keep them close to my heart. I am willing to lose everything but the cards so I park them in a pocket.
    Your approach?

  6. Enjoyed your gear bag video. How do you like your Sigma wide angle lenses vs Canon lenses?

  7. It was helpful to see how organized your bag is. My bag is on a much smaller scale, but I agree that everything has a home.

  8. I like this video. There were some things to learn here for me, and some things I did already. However, there are two things, I do differently:

    - I put my camera into the bag the other way round - so i can grab it with my right hand "in shooting position". (The camera is lying on the side with the USB-Ports).
    - The cameras are almost never in the bag while shooting - so i put all my lenses close to the frontside of the bag (not "back" where the fold is). This way, I don't have to open it completely when getting out a lens.

    Thanks for this video!

  9. Excellent video. Thank you for sharing your years of knowledge for us up-and-comers who can learn from the veteran professionals like you.

  10. David great video and very helpful. I have one question, you dont seem to use lens hoods with you lenses. Could you tell me why this is or have I got this wrong?

    Great blog stop by every day, many thanks John

  11. Yes, I was interested in the lens hood question too. Also, you didn't mention what lens you had loaded onto your 5D Mark II. I think from your blogs you tend to use a 24-105, but that seemed to be a different one.

    Thanks for the informative video David. Great stuff!

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  16. Hi David,
    Checked the B&H Photo site for the MIDI GN-45 small lights. Can't find them. What is the correct product name?

    Checked the Brinkmann site for the Z-Ray's, again not there. What is the correct product name
    Thank you,

  17. How can you possibly shoot every 9 seconds over 8 hrs !!! Thats some wedding photography you must shoot 1000's and 1000's of pictures ??

    When I shoot a wedding over 8 hrs I aim for no more than 150-200 images.

  18. I learned a lot from this presentation... I keep learning from David....

  19. I liked your gear bag video Bob L.would be impressed.
    Gerry L.

  20. Thank you so much for your video. I am a wedding photographer and this helps me realize, even more, how crucial preparing for efficiency during a wedding. I will put your tips to good use. Again, thank you.