Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Brand New Canon Rumors; Some Cool Tutorials; More Lightroom Plug Ins; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

First things first today.  We kick off our Digital WakeUp Call tour again next week - here is the link to all the info right here.  Digital WakeUp Call1 Our first stops are Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Kansas City and LaDawn is looking for volunteers to help her out with set up, registration and tear down.  Please drop her a note at ladawn@ if you would like to help.

Well, we survived the weekend.  After getting back from Vail and Aspen  last Thursday evening and running like a madman to get all the gear ready to go for the big wedding weekend shoot.  Jason and Adam - both from Kelby Media flew in from Tampa to join us for the wedding celebration.  We headed over to the bride's home and had a nice visit with the bride’s parents about the following day's wedding.

Wedding Shoot The wedding went GREAT.  What a day we had for shooting – cooler than normal almost perfect weather, beautiful blue skies, white puffy clouds and great families to work with.

I mentioned last week that my client, who was the daughter of my cousin, by the way, had gladly agreed to have Jason an Adam video me photographing the wedding.  It went great. 

My bride and groom got some great images, and we got some great video for the first and only Kelby Training "Live Wedding Video Shoot."  I can't wait to see the finished result.  It will be several weeks, but I will keep you posted. It will be one rockin' video!

Yesterday, we headed to downtown Cincy for - get this - an ad shoot of yours truly.  I can't spill the beans yet, but you should see the ad in the trade magazines in about a month.  If I can spill the news earlier, I will. OK, I'll give you a little hint. After we printed off the proofs of the shoot, well - all I can say  - is that my staff now works for a super hero boss;~)

I've got one more project in the works too.  There are 16 top photogs from around the country putting together this massive audio marketing webinar - you will hear more about that in about two weeks.  I was putting together my 55 minute segment but some how have to edit my 190 bullet points down to something more manageable for the program. If I get that project behind me I might even get a day off by the end of the week - that would be SO sweet!

Anyway, that's the latest - so let's get to Quick Hit Monday.  Here we go...

New Canon Rumors

Canon 7D That's right folks, the Canon rumors about a new Canon 7D are flying everywhere.  Here is the latest link I found earlier today over at Wired right here with some of the details. The new camera is looking good to me.  Don't you love it when the big guys are battling it out for market share. It sure makes the photogs winners, doesn't it?

Oh, BTW, here are a two more Rumor links you can check out too.

Photography Bay's story right here and 1001 Noisy Cameras right here. The news just gets you itching to see what's up doesn't it?

Check Out These Tutorials

Julieanne Studio Every couple of weeks I like to check in on John Nack's Adobe blog.  He always has some nice tips and tricks and news you just can't find anywhere else.

On this visit I found some short and sweet tutorials by famed wedding photographer, Marcus Bell.  My favorite video link he posted is the one by Julieanne Kost, 20 minutes on cool Lightroom tips - always fun, funny, and informative.  Here is the link to the tutorials - well worth the peek.  Be sure to check out the set Julieanne gets to use for her training.  I can't wait for the day when I've got that kind of set up here at Digital ProTalk ;~)

And A few More For The Road - Light Painting and More

After planning to post my light painting post as my pic of the day, I found the Chase Jarvis tutorial on "HIP HOP" light painting - fun and funny, check it out right here.  My technique is the same - we have a little less HOP than Chase - but just as HIP.

Imagenomics Announces Portraiture For Lightroom

Portraiture Two I have always liked this program for quick retouching touch ups.  The good news - now it works in Lightroom.  This is like way cool news.  One less trip to PS to get the job down quickly.  Here is the link to Imagenomics site for all the info.

Another Cool 5D Mk2 Video

And lastly, check out another cool video over at Jeremy Cowart's Photography blog right here. It was made with the Canon 5D Mark II - pretty cool. Thanks to Rick Wenner, one of our DPT readers for the link.

One More Parting "Wedding" Shot

Karl Bratby Check out Karl Bratby's latest post from his wedding this weekend right here.  Karl hails from England and does some amazing wedding photography. I love his use of color.  Karl has offered to do a guest blog here at DPT. We are discussing topics right now.  I'll keep you posted.

Hey gang, that's it for me today - got to run.  Plan to visit tomorrow for a new Technique Tuesday entitled, "I've Got Ansell Adams In A Box".  See ya' then,  -David

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  1. Looks like the 7D is rumor no more, even in America. Canon has it up on their Canon USA site now.