Monday, June 09, 2008

Quick Notes Monday

Good Morning Everybody,
Boy, when you start a blog, it's like creating a monster. You have to feed it every day or it dies. You feed it too much and it gets fat. Once you've decided upon a sizable amount of content, it may get harder to locate and find the appropriate resources/content. I thank all my readers for their support and hope to continue to improve the site.

I thought I would share with you a few things I've been thinking about. I love the comments from the DPT readers that expand on the topic of the post. I've always tried to encourage that and, yes, we have had some excellent comments.

Also, if a comment suggests that I was a bit confusing on a point, I will try to clear that up in a response. Some comments, though, are direct questions about why I did this or that and although I read every comment and wish I had time to respond to each one individually, it is impossible for me to do so. Please don't take offense, I've got a regular business to run too, a blog to support, and carving out my family time is important to me too.

Believe it or not, all those questions are answered in an indirect way, either in past posts - just use the search box in the top right hand corner of DigitalProTalk to fine an answer to a nagging question. Or they are marked for topics in future posts - so know that I am not ignoring you - just trying to keep a bit of my own sanity.

Secondly, I am always looking for good topics for DigitalProTalk and will generally entertain any suggestions from my readers - I'm generally very happy to oblige. I 'm test driving the Skribit widget for just that purpose. Just add your suggestions - it's real easy - and let's see where it goes. If you have any Skribit problems, you can still post to the "Comments" area below. I have several good stories waiting in the wings right now.

Finally, it seems we have many bloggers out there who may be looking for help on fine tuning their blog too. I have been lucky enough to get some great advice from some of my fellow bloggers who have pointed me towards resources that have been very informative. Here is the list of some of my favorites.

HackoShpere - great site for Blogger tips and tricks.
The Widgets of Beta Blogger - add cool widgets to your blog (but too many is not a good thing.)
BlogBuster - great site with lots of good stuff.
Tips For New Bloggers - another really good resource.
Viddler - my favorite site for hosting tutorials - why, users can upload the much smaller FLV files vs. QT files - 36megs vs. 360 megs.
ProBlogger - One of the de facto standards if you take your blogging seriously.

If you have any resources you would like to share, please let me know in the "Comments" section below.

What's coming up this week? Tomorrow's Technique Tuesday is going to discuss balancing on-camera and off-camera flash with the ambient light. [B]Business Day Thursday I'll be discussing how to charge for special projects. It's shaping up to be a good week so stay tuned.

That's it for today everybody. See you tomorrow. -David


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