Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Techniques Tuesday: Wow! It Sure Didn't Look Like That!

Good Morning Everybody,

Auto Select Well, I’m a notch closer to solving my ‘crashed” car issue.  After my board  meeting yesterday, I headed over to my buddy, Nabil’s used car lot AutoSelect. Yes, I am blogging about a used car lot ;~)  I’ve been buying cars from Nabil for years.  Nabil came to America with only $300 in his pocket and has parleyed that into several successful businesses over the years. 

It was good to catch up with an old friend, enjoy a wonderful lunch together and check out what he had on the lot.  He just may have sold me my next car.  Mercedes CLSHe tossed me the keys of one car that caught my eye and said, “Take it home and see how you like it.” LaDawn tried to object, but I quickly agreed to Nabil’s offer.  Man, I have to tell you, it was one sweet ride back to Cincy yesterday! I plan on giving is a good workout over the weekend.  I’ll keep you posted.

Techniques Tuesday: Wow!  It Sure Didn't Look Like That!

I feel pretty crummy today and hope to head to the doc’s office later in the afternoon.  That said, I’m planning to bail on today’s post – well, partially bail.  I’m re-running a post I did a few years ago that received a lot of attention.

The basis of the post was the fact that sometimes we spend way too much time trying to get the image just right in the camera and sacrifice way too much time doing just that.  To me the choice is simple – if I can fix it in Photoshop or Lightroom quicker than it’s going to take me to fix it in the shoot, I’m going to my digital Plan B fix.  Why not hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.

This post did garner the attention of uber blogger, Scott Kelby, who did a follow up post on my original presentation.  Here is the link to my original post right here.  And, here is the link to Scott’s follow up post right here.

All in all, there’s a lot of info and discussion surrounding this post and comments so I really hope you enjoy today’s blast from the past.


Hey gang, that’s if for me today – where are the tissues and Dristan? Hope to see you tomorrow.

David (Sniffles & Sneezes) Ziser

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  1. Huh? People are still using photoshop? Mark my words, within the next 10 years you will see more people leaving photoshop and moving to Lightroom or Aperture. Why do you think 3 of the major engineers on the photoshop team left and went to work for apple in designing Aperture 3? Because photoshop is no longer for photographers, its for ARTISTS. If you cant fix simple post issues in either Aperture or Lightroom then you have failed as a photographer. Like someone once said, do you want to be known as a photographer or a retoucher?