Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wednesday – A Feeding Frenzy Of Excitement: Easy Info Galore; Video Streaming; & Nice Lights

Good Morning Everybody,

Today is supposed to be a light blogging day, but I’ve just spent the last 4 hours researching, testing, and reading about some very cool new “geek technique” items. 

It all began simple enough. I awoke this morning about 5:00 a.m. – much earlier than usual, grabbed a morning drink of water and fired up my iPad.  USA Today logo The first thing I did was to tune into the the USA Today app. Hey, it’s an old habit I developed traveling so much – give me my USA Today first thing in the morning.  Now I read it most everyday on my iPad.

USA Tech Anyway, they now have a TECH section on the app so I clicked on the tab to see what was new in TECH [link].  Lots of good info here – How to block Charlie Sheen from your web browser, celebrating the weather man’s 200th anniversary, etc.  OK, not much, right?  WRONG!!!

ZiteI eventually stumbled on a little story – now a BIG story – about a brand new APP named Zite [link].  It’s another news aggregator similar to Flipboard which I’ve blogged about previously [link].  Flipboard has been a favorite for months, but that was till 5:30 a.m. this morning after test driving Zite for a few hours.  I LOVE it – intuitive, informative, and easy to customize.

A Fast Way To Find Great Information

In a matter of minutes I found several articles that I thought would be fun to read for our DPT readers.  Here is my quick list of 12 – enjoy!

On Wedding Photography

Groups 1. Great Groups:  Phenomenal Photography - Classic Group Portraits right here.

2. One of my favs:  Del Sol Photography Blog - del Sol Cenote Trash the Dress + Phase One + Nauticam for the first time together, wowzer!! - right here.

3. Good Posing ideas: Bridesmaid Dress Trend We Love: Mix and Match Styles! - Wedding Blog - OneWed's Savvy Scoop for Wedding Ideas, Wedding Photos, Wedding Pictures right here.

4. At your next wedding?: How to DIY Your Very Own Photo Booth right here.

iPhone Weddings5. Is it really coming to this?  Wedding Photography with iPhone right here.

6. Good Posing ideas:  The Beautiful and The Damned ~ A 1920s and 1930s Inspired Collection by Dress Designer Joanne Fleming, with Accessories by Yulia Kunze... - Love My Dress Wedding Blog right here.

7. More good posing ideas.  Bridesmaid Dress Trend We Love: Mix and Match Styles! - Wedding Blog - OneWed's Savvy Scoop for Wedding Ideas, Wedding Photos, Wedding Pictures right here.

iPad for wed photogs On The iPads and iPhones

8. Ten tips for mastering the iPad right here.

What a deal!  Used iPads Selling Quickly Online right here.

9. Useful iPad Apps For Brides and Wedding Photographers right here.

On Photoshop and Lightroom:

10. The 100 Best Photoshopped Pictures of February 2011 right here.

11. How To Fading Lightroom Presets right here.

And Just For Fun

12. Way Cool!   High-resolution 3D Models of Cities Created from Aerial Photographs right here. 

More Exciting Things May Be Happening!

Under Zite Technology section, I also found this very cool looking device called the Teradek Cube [link].  It’s the size of a pack of playing cards, fits on top of any video camera and streams video instantly to the web, your computer, iPad, etc.  Cube

Man oh man – does this look like a great teaching tool for me.  It’s pricey and I’m still checking it out, but wow, does it open up video possibilities for me at DPT! Oh yea!!!

Very Cool New Light

Fotodiox LED Light During our visit to the Professional Photographers of Indiana this past weekend we visited with our good friends Rob and Wilma Kumler of K&R PhotoDigital [link] who had a booth at the show.

As usual, they were showing some of the latest in gadgets and LED lighting.  I was intrigued by the Fotodiox battery powered LED light.  It was small, compact, lite, and bright.  For $79, I decided to pick one up.  I see it’s use for close up portraits, table top scene setters, heck even finding things in the gear bag ;~)

Give K&R a call at 859.341.6986 for more info.  They were the hot seller at the show so call soon if interested. I can’t wit to try mine out – more later.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Have a great read of all the Zite links today. Oh, by the way, it seemed everybody jumped on the Zite bandwagon today.  The site was down for maintenance about 2 hours after I downloaded the app – heavy traffic, I presume.

How about I see everybody tomorrow for Wedding Workflow – After the Shoot: Part 4.

See ya’ then,  David


  1. Dave,

    I was scrolling through some of those links you provided there. Some really great apps! I found one image funny though, it was a sample screen #8 of the Wedding Budget on the useful apps and had a sample list of budgeted items for the wedding. The Photo & Video was for $900! Heck they had the cake for $800... my how we have fallen in the ranks while everything else has increased!

  2. Robin from UK, Wow David, some brilliant info here, thanks for taking the trouble to share.