Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick Hit Monday: Denis Reggie; D-Town; iPads; Self Portraits; Inkjets; & More

Good Morning Everybody,

Road Trip2 The car is nearly packed and we are ready to head out on our two week trek to visit friends, celebrate a BIG wedding, teach at Photoshop World, and catch the Flash Bus Tour on the return.  The upside of all this travel is that we get to make it in the new car - that should be cool, assuming we can get everything packed into it. 

First Stop Tonight - Denis Reggie Studios

Conclave The first stop today is in Atlanta to visit my good friend, Denis Reggie.  We should land late afternoon early evening.  I'm hoping to convince Denis to do an interview with me that I will post on Tuesday.  Denis is one of the premiere wedding photographers in the world so it should be quite a treat if we pull it off in our short time together.  Stay tuned!

Oh, BTW, I just saw where Denis is hosting his Wedding Conclave at his home again in mid – April and May.  Always a great experience - here's the link right here.

Check Out My Lighting Tip Over at D-Town TV

DAZ on DTown While in Tampa a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting with fellow blogging buddy, Scott Kelby.  He asked me to lay down a few tips for D-Town TV and I was glad to oblige.  Heck, it was the first time to use their new set. The first episode just aired.  You can check it out right here.

I have to tell you, I have no clue how the D-Town video team gets such unbelievable great streaming video.  The quality of their production and resolution just blow you away.  I think you'll come to the same conclusion once you catch an episode.

Hot Deals on iPad 1, iPad Upgrade & iOS 4.3

I've been getting a few emails from folks asking if Apple has FIXED the problem of importing images into the iPad and iPad 2.  When Apple upgraded the iOS to 4.2 and 4.2.1, they reduced the power output to the attached devices from 100 ma to 10 ma.  That, in effect, neutered the usability of devices like the Delkin flash card reader which used to work just fine especially when uploading images to the iPad when shooting a wedding.

I talked with Terry White about it a few weeks ago and he assured me that Apple DID NOT FIX the issue with it's latest release of the 4.3 iOS.  What's  really annoying about this, is the fact that the issue CAN SIMPLY BE FIXED in the software.  Cheap iPadFor some reason, Apple DOESN’T want people to use their devices in a manner which they don't deem acceptable.  Maybe if enough folks gripe about it, the Apple militia will change their thinking.  Hey, it the reason I'm mostly a PC guy ;~)

And speaking of iPads, did you see the deals on the surplus iPad 1's ?  How about a 64 gig iPad Wi-Fi and ATT 3G for only $529!!! What a steal of the a deal!  Here is the link right here.

Self Portraits: An Exercise In Creativity

Self Portraits I have to admit, I really enjoy getting my Digital Image Cafe eNewsletter each month. It's published by Todd McMillan and his wife Cathy, two really genuinely nice people who really strive to enhance their Digital Image Cafe experience. 

Their newsletter always contains a nice nugget or two of solid information.  This month they featured an article on self portraits as an exercise to juice your creativity.  It was a nice read.  You can catch it right here.

A Gazillion Tutorials Over At NIK

OMG!!!! I had no idea!!! Something came across my desk the other day talking about all these new tutorials being posted at NIK Software.  I LOVE NIK Software. I think those folks are always on the cutting edge of product development when it comes to Photoshop and Lightroom plug-INS.

NIK Tutorials Anyway, I headed on over to their site to check it out.  Like I said, OMG - they currently have about 60 full length tutorials right here covering portrait retouching to fine art image enhancement.  Even though they feature the NIK products in their tutorials, the content is still superb.  Oh, BTW. try this secret code "DZISER" - it may still save you 15% if you decide to try any of their new products.  Just thought you'd like to know.

Thinking Of Going Inkjet? Things You Need To Know

Another great company I get to hang out with occasionally are my good buddies at Lexjet down in Sarasota, FL.  In fact, with LaDawn's son' s wedding taking place in Sarasota next weekend and us being in the same town, I'm planning to make the trip over for a visit to see their new facilities.

Lexjet printing Anyway, I just received their latest newsletter, and since I'm an inkjet printing junkie, I decided to give it a good read.  One thing led to the other, and before long I was all over their blog checking out the cool, informational articles they've been posting.  Once again, it was treasure-trove of info.

Let me quickly point you towards some of my favorites:

  1. How To Import Custom Canon iPF Inkjet Printer Profiles right here.
  2. How To Get A Free iPad right here.
  3. How Much Paper Is Left On A Roll right here.
  4. 35 Instructional Videos On YouTube Videos right here.

Some really solid information! We’ve been printing on inkjets for 8 years and Lexjet has always been my go-to resource for printers, ink, supplies, and advice. Check them out. _______________________________________________________

Hey gang, that's it for me today.  Things are hoppin' around here and we need to be hitting the road very shortly – that is if we can fit everything in the car.  Anyway, how about I check in with you tomorrow with a Technique Tuesday or an interview with Denis Reggie.

With 7 hours on the road today, I should be able to get something posted tomorrow although no promises on posting times.  Check back tomorrow and let's see what pops.

Have a great rest of the day.  If you see us on the road, give us a wave - we're the couple in the fancy car that looks like it packed up Beverly Hillbilly’s style ;~)

See everybody tomorrow,  David

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