Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wireless Shooting To iPad–Wow! Flash Card Reader Coming For iPad2, and More!

Good Morning Everybody,

I’m am really on a roll this morning with just a few minutes to get the picture post and give you a quick update on what happening today.

Lexjet Tour

Yesterday before heading out of Sarasota, we finally made it over to Lexjet to see the new World Headquarters – what can I say, the folks working at Lexjet are pretty darn lucky to be working in their new digs.  Lexjet1IMG_1645The new offices are on the fourth floor of the Bank of America building in downtown Sarasota. 

My buddy Tom Gruss surprised us with our names on the welcome board and then gave LaDawn and I the quick tour.  I’ll tell you Lexjet is one of the most polished, well run companies I have seen.  Lexjet2IMG_1651I’m sure glad I have them on my side when it comes to all things inkjet.  Hey, they still have 17 more iPads to give away with a new 44” inkjet printer purchase – don’t snooze on this one.

Shooting Wireless To iPad2

Damien testIMG_1683First the REALLY BIG NEWS – my buddy and right hand IT guy, Damien Tepe, called me this morning with terrific news.  I gave him my Canon 7D fitted with the wireless transmitter and asked if he could get it “talking” to Shuttersnitch on his iPad2.  At 8:30 a.m. he called with the good news that after working on it till the wee hours of the morning, that he had it working!!!!  That’s Damien in the distance proving that we have connectivity at least up to a tested ranger of over 100ft. !

This is like so cool – we’re going to use the Wireless to iPad2 to data projector via HDMI cable for my Pre-Con Wedding Shootout today.  I can’t wait.  It should be the coolest pre-con happening at Photoshop World today with our little geek technique boost ;~)

The details are quite involved, but Damien and I are going to get everything locked down tight and then we’ll share the secret code with you.  You are going to love it – so many possibilities!!!!

Finally A Flash Card Reader For the iPad2

MIC StoreI just got this email early this morning from Phil Guyton, Jr., one of our loyal DPT readers.  He mentioned a story he saw over at RobGalbraith.com that MIC Store [link] is coming out with a Flash Card reader for the iPad2 next month – finally.  The iPad 2 DID NOT fix the problem with the iOS upgrade earlier this year which neutered Flash Card readers use on the iPad and iPad2. I wonder if Apple will neuter that one too – I hope not.  Here is the link to all the info.


Hey, gang, that’s it for me today.  I’ve got to fly out of here and get to my Pre-Con.  I’ll have more tomorrow. 

See ya’ then,  David


  1. "Preparation in progress" on my order, hopefully the slow boat from China won't be to slow :)

    i'll update you as soon as i have it (hopefully) working in hand with my ipad 2 :)

  2. Even better news about Shuttersnitch -- it works perfectly with the Eye-Fi WiFi SD card. If you don't have a WiFi access point handy, iPhone 4 tethering works for that as well. Shuttersnitch even has a direct Eye-Fi login to attach to your card with zero setup!

  3. Geez, guys, Catch up! I did that two days ago!

    Death Bag Toter

  4. I've been wrestling with how to wirelessly connect the EyeFi card directly to an iPad without a router and without Jailbreaking. So far, no luck.

    The problem seems to be that so far, neither the iPad nor EyeFi can create an ad hoc network. Both can JOIN one but neither can create it. So you have a standoff.

    Have you found a way around this?

    I use a battery-operated router about the size of a cigarette pack (remember them?) called a Zalip. It works OK, but transfers are slow and it requires that you have the EyeFi card set up specifically to join the network SSID that the reouter creates.

  5. Just be aware that the iPad CF Card readers are on Back Order - UP TO A MONTH!