Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Technique Tuesday: Another Blast From The Past; FREE Web-cast Announced; & Denis Reggie Interview

Good Morning Everybody,

Sweet DriveI’ve got lots of good news for you guys and gals today – let’s get right to it.  We had one sweet drive to Atlanta yesterday in my brand new car - it felt like we riding on a cushion of air for the entire trip.  To be honest, the ride was exhilarating, not tiring as most road trips can be.  We left right at 10:30 a.m. and landed in Atlanta at Denis’s home at 4:30 p.m. – 450 miles, 2 stops, 6 1/2 hours, pretty good time.

It was good to catch up with Denis last evening - we enjoyed a few choice bottles of wine and a wonderful dinner, then turned in fairly early.  Today Denis and I are scheduled to meet a consultant who just happens to be an expert on Camtasia and on-line content.  What I’m implying  is that we are cooking up a few things for down the road at DPT.  As usual, I’ll keep you posted.

Interview With Denis Reggie A “Go”

Denis ReggieAs a surprise for our DPT readers, Denis has agreed to do a 30 minute video interview with me today.  That should be cool.  It should be cool to get a peek behind the scenes of one of the finest wedding photographers in the world.

The plan is to film later today and I’ll plan to have it on-line tomorrow, all the pixels willing.

Technique Tuesday: Another Blast From The Past!

Today is normally Technique Tuesday and normally I’ve got a new video for you.  With the long drive and full schedule today, I’m going to Plan B.  I’m re-posting a really popular tutorial from a few years ago entitled, “Porcelain Doll.”  This video has been rated one of the Top 10 videos of 2008 so if you missed it or simply need a quick review, you can catch it a second time today.

Here is the back story:  I saw this tutorial over at Stock.Xchng, printed it out, and tried to duplicate the result. It took me a few tries until I finally got it. Some of the steps are not super intuitive which is why I thought I would do a video of it.

I really like the effect and see some applications for that really theatrical retouched effect. The folks over at Imagenomic have a great Photoshop plug-in that does what looks like the same thing. We actually use it at my studio and it does a great job, but if you want to save some dollars this tutorial will do the trick. Give it a peek and see what you think.


Hey gang, that’s  it for me today.  We’ve got lot’s on the front burner  and I’ve got to get moving.  Hey, don’t forget to check out the FREE Web-cast coming up April 7, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. DST right here at DigitalProTalk.com.  It’s entitled, “FUSION – Now More Than Ever!”  Here is the link to REGISTER right here. I’ve posted more details below, so please check it out – it’s going to be important time spent.

On that note, I’m out of here – see everybody tomorrow,  David

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