Friday, March 04, 2011

On A Personal Note & Kelby Training Update

Good Morning Everybody,

Alice - LR - Fotolia_1308014_Subscription_XL[1] There's no place like home.... there's no place like home...there's no place like home - I think Dorothy had it right.  It sure did feel good to land back in KY and know I'm going to hanging around a few days - busy days, but still home.

Update On My Kelby Training Videos

We shot the Kelby Training Promo yesterday - it came out really cool.  Later in the morning I caught up with Matt Kloskowski, Curriculum Director for Kelby Training, and we penciled in dates for my upcoming training videos.  It looks like mid May is going to be the timeframe for the shooting. 

DAZ Kelby Training The first tape will be on how to photograph engagement sessions - a hot favorite when I first posted the idea [link].  I’ll keep you updated as we get closer to the shooing schedule.  Hey, got an idea you’d like to see - drop me your suggestions in the comment section of this post.  I'll be sure to consider every suggestion. Don’t forget, you can try Kelby Training for FREE right here.

Oh, BTW, if you missed the first Kelby Training promo I did, you can see it below – I still giggle when I watch it ;~)


Let The Wedding Festivities Begin

Josh and Kristen Tomorrow we head to Dayton, Ohio.  LaDawn's son, Joshua is getting married at the end of the month in Sarasota, Florida to his lovely fiancée, Kristen .  We have the Send Off Party tomorrow evening.  Hey, and I don't have to be the photographer either!  But, knowing me, I just won't be able to resist clicking off a few shots. ;~)

Presidential Responsibilities

President - LR On a personal and professional note, I have to recommence my duties as President of our state association.  Already we're planning for summer meetings, and next year's convention.  Hey, you are all invited - and when you see the speakers list, you won’t want to miss it!!!! More info soon.

At least being home a few days, I'll be able to deal with my auto issues and hope to have them worked out by the end of next week.

I don't have any stunning news to report today, and since I've been gone for three weeks, I'm taking the day off today from the blog with the exception of the image of the day post.  We are heading over to the Indiana Professional Photographers Convention [link] on Sunday so I'll have a report for you on Monday.

How about everybody have a great weekend and I'll see you bright and early Monday morning for another Quick Monday episode. 

See ya' next week everybody,  David

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  1. Hey Dave,
    Great to see you this week. Looking forward to your new classes.

    - Matt Kloskowski