Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wait There's More - On Lightroom 2.0,That Is

Here is a quick listing to some of the best resources - my favs - for checking out the new feature set in Lightroom 2.0.
Photoshop Insider - Scott Kelby always has a very thorough take on everything Adobe and especially Lightroom 2.0. Check out his post right here. - These guys have my second favorite post on Lightroom 2.0. It is thorough, to the point, and loaded with illustrations about the new features. Here is the link right here.

John Nack's site - One of the adobe guru's himself. John's post is rich with link's too. I particularly like the Colin Smith video link. Here is the link to John's site right here.

Lightroom Journal has a complete feature by feature listing too. - worth a peek. Here is the link right here.

Luminous-Landscape - Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe sit down for 7 1/2 hours and walk you through all the new goodies of LR2 - it's a steal at$40 bucks! Here is your link right here.

Kelby Training - Always the best with the latest, greatest information. Matt Kloskowski has about a "million" lessons posted already - OK, less than a million, but still a lot. I'm working my way through them right now. Here is the link to all Matt's LR2 classes right here.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I've been O. D. 'ing on LR2 for the past two days and need a break. Hey, don't forget to check back tomorrow for the best of the best suggestions for our contest - "[B]Business Day Thursday - 7 Really Easy Things To Sell To Add To Your Bottom Line." See ya' then, -David

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  1. Julieanne Kost, Adobe evangelist has 3 videos up that really got me going on LR2. 20+ minutes each - one on Library, another on Develop and the 3rd on Export, Slide Show, Print and Web. Excellent!

    Make a terrific day!