Monday, July 28, 2008

Just How Good Is That Lens In The Window?

Our finger flying, keyboard numbing, buddies over at 1001 Noisy Cameras had a couple of cool links I checked out over the weekend. One of my favorites was This site - Pixel-Peeper - is a lens and camera comparison site. You can examine full size pictures from a specific lens or camera (more than 100,000 photos are available), also based on a specific setting e.g. aperture, focal length or ISO. If you'd like to find out more about how to interpret sample images, check out the tutorial. I have to say, there is ton's of info here. Definitely bookmark it for further reference.

Another really interesting site was mentioned over at our news-blasting buddies at the Imaging Insider. It seems my fellow FineArtPhotoBlog blogger, Neil Creek, originally spotted it. The site is called Just visiting the site is a good not related to photography, rainy day surf - I promise you, it will keep a smile on your face with some of the things KrazyDad, Jim Bumgardner, comes up with. OK, OK, now to the photography part. Check out Jim's link right here for the Krazy Dad Color Picker. Here is what Jim has done. He has orchestrated 13 categories along with a color wheel. After selecting the categories, select your color choice, and you discover an array of images in that color. I agree, this may fall into the category of web time wasting, but how about the time to write the code in the first place. Amazing - anyway and kind of a fun peek.

Hey gang, that's about it for me today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a verrryyy interesting Lightroom 2.0 post. You are hearing about it here on first. I wonder if it's even mentioned in Scott Kelby's upcoming Lightroom 2.0 book ? Ahhh, we will have to wait and see ;~)

See ya' tomorrow. -David

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